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Campus Advocates

Our Campus Advocates for diversity, equity, and belonging serve as a passionate and committed group of individuals dedicated to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our college community. With a focus on belonging, they actively foster a sense of belongingness and acceptance, recognizing that a strong sense of community is essential for personal and academic growth.

Campus Inclusion Council

The Campus Inclusion Council works with the Senior Advisor for College Diversity, Equity & Belonging to promote and achieve Etown's inclusive excellence goals. Membership includes staff, faculty, and students from key constituencies on campus. The Council recommends and evaluates strategies related to enhancing diversity, equitable access, and improving the campus climate for minoritized groups.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Inclusion Council is to offer grounded perspectives on how diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging efforts -- inherent in the relationships, practices and activities of students, staff, and faculty -- are realized at Elizabethtown College. The members of the council shall lead and serve on committees and advise the Senior Advisor for College Diversity, Equity & Belonging on DEB efforts.

DEB Faculty Fellows

evan smith headshot

T. Evan Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology | 717-361-1320

faculty headshot

Jihan Owens-Tyler, M.S., MFT

Lecturer of Clinical Counseling Psychology | 717-361-3596

DEB Administrative Fellow

staff headshot

Mark Clapper, M.A.

Executive Director of Legacy Planning and Engagement | 717-361-1499

School Ambassadors

school of arts and humanities logo
emily headshot

Emily Yoder Frantz, MMT, MT-BC

Director of Music Therapy; Oboe | 717-361-1212

business lockup logo
najiba headshot

Najiba Benabess, Ph.D.

Dean of the School of Business | Office: Hoover 202

engineering lockup logo
faculty headshot

Tomás Estrada, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Engineering & Physics | 717-361-3755

public service logo
robert aronson headshot

Robert E. Aronson, DrPH, MPH

Director of Public Health and Lecturer | 717-361-4768

staff headshot

Shannon Haley-Mize, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education

Interim Director of Global Understanding and Peacebuilding. | 717-361-3702

school of science logo
anya goldina headshot

Dr. Anya Goldina Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology | 717-361-6418

evan smith headshot

T. Evan Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology | 717-361-1320

Search Committee Equity Ambassadors

The search committee equity ambassador's certification program includes a hybrid of in-person and asynchronous training. Ambassador's roles and expectations include guiding efforts to raise awareness and encourage those involved in an employment search process that fully follows the Elizabethtown College Human Resources Tool Kit and accompanying Diversity, Equity, and Belonging documents. The ambassadors are composed of colleagues from areas including administration and finance, institutional advancement, academic affairs, enrollment management, operations and auxiliary services, and student affairs.

  • Patrick Allen - English
  • Najiba Benabess - School of Business
  • Lori Bomboy - Human Resources
  • Mark Clapper - Legacy Planning
  • Kurt DeGoede - Engineering & Physics
  • Sarah Dutton - Medical Spanish
  • Tomas Estrada - Engineering & Physics
  • Emily Frantz - Music
  • Jennifer Frey - Diversity, Equity and Belonging
  • Nichole Gonzalez - Student Life
  • Clarissa Grunwald - High Library
  • April Kelly - School of Public Service
  • Jill Kleis - Teaching & Learning Design Studio
  • Kristin Kurjiaka - Social Work
  • Jodi Lancaster - School of Sciences and Health
  • Tina Martin - Mathematical Sciences
  • Darcey Mills - Diversity, Equity & Belonging
  • Zuleika Miranda - Academic Affairs
  • Jihan Owens-Tyler - Psychology
  • Sarah Penniman - High Library
  • Gabrielle Reed - Title IX
  • Mike Shook - Psychology
  • Eugene Thomas - Residence Life
  • Javita Thompson - Center for Community & Civic Engagement

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