Campus Diversity Advocates

The Campus Diversity Advocates (CDAs), a volunteer group of faculty, students, staff and administrators, provide immediate support by assisting individuals who report bias-related incidents at Elizabethtown College. The college seeks to create and sustain a safe and welcoming campus climate which promotes respect, diversity, and inclusion. Bias incidents can be based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, ability, gender, gender identity and expression, age and national origin. Bias incidents, although not limited to the above, may include any act or behavior expressed by individuals which diminishes the human dignity and respect of persons. The CDAs provide a supportive safe space for campus members who witness or are targets of bias to communicate their experiences.

Three principles guide the work of the CDAs:

  1. to affirm the human dignity of all members of the Elizabethtown College community;
  2. to affirm the member's concern and assist him/her toward resolution through established campus processes and appropriate resources; and
  3. to document bias-related incidents on our campus in an effort to raise awareness of these incidents.

The CDA is not a substitute for existing structures and procedures at Elizabethtown College that are designed to address allegations of harassment or intimidation. The CDA group is a response team with individual points of access. A student, faculty or staff member who desires to report a bias-related incident is encouraged to contact any member of the CDA via e-mail. CDA members will meet with the individual to confidentially process the experience or incident, consider responses and direct him/her to campus offices and resources when appropriate.