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Center for Multicultural Affairs

Our paramount goal is to ensure every student experiences a profound sense of belonging. The resources provided play a pivotal role in advancing the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging that define our college.

Welcome to Elizabethtown College's
Center for Multicultural Affairs

We are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive campus environment in which diversity is celebrated, equity is promoted, and a strong sense of belonging is nurtured. Our mission is to implement a strategic vision that is aligned with the college's mission and strategic goals, ensuring that diversity, equity, and belonging are central pillars of our community. Our commitment to this mission is demonstrated by a comprehensive range of functions and initiatives.

In this role, we provide the following services:

  • Coordinate and promote a wide range of intercultural and awareness activities throughout the year.
  • Provide critical support, mentorship, advocacy, and leadership development for historically underrepresented students.
  • Actively engage with the Intercultural Diversity Board, which is made up of student groups dedicated to carrying out initiatives that promote inclusivity and understanding.
  • Administer the Mosaic Scholar and Ubuntu Mentor programs for first-year students to help them make a successful transition to college life.
  • Maintain dedicated spaces for students to feel at home and valued, such as the Mosaic House, Social Change Living and Learning Community, and the Center for Multicultural Affairs.
  • Promote diversity, inclusivity, and social justice by facilitating large-scale college service projects, presentations, and community partner activities.
  • Monitor campus-wide success toward strategic diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging goals on an ongoing basis to ensure that our efforts lead to continuous improvement.

We are excited to have you join us on this transformative journey toward a more inclusive and equitable campus community. Your presence, engagement, and dedication play an important role in shaping a brighter future for everyone at Etown. Together, we embrace the power of diversity to build a campus where every individual feels valued, respected, and welcomed.

In service,

Darcey Mills '18, MS'23 (he/him)

Director of Student Diversity, Equity & Belonging

mosaic house logo

The Mosaic House

The Mosaic House is a safe space for identity-based clubs and organizations, a multi-purpose location for activities that promote belonging on Campus. Since October 2016, the Mosaic House has provided educational programming and social events focusing on diversity and inclusion. Student organizations may reserve spaces and hold programs in the Mosaic House. The house is a space dedicated to clubs, organizations, and students who self-identify as Black Indigenous People of Color or as other historically marginalized identities.

The Mosaic House

Resources for Current Students:

Our team members serve as referral agents in addition to advocating for and supporting historically underrepresented students and student groups. They expertly direct students to other relevant offices and departments as needed, ensuring comprehensive assistance. Furthermore, our team serves as a resource for all College offices and departments on issues of diversity, equity, accessibility, and justice. Their knowledge bridges gaps and improves collaboration across campus, fostering an inclusive and informed environment.

Etown's Intercultural Diversity Board (IDB) is made up of leaders from several multicultural and identity-based clubs and organizations on campus. This collaborative platform meets every two weeks, with the Director, Dean of Students, and other administrative officials present as needed. During these meetings, board members exchange information on planned events and projects organized by their various groups in the coming weeks. The meetings provide an opportunity for members to contribute valuable thoughts and lend assistance through constructive conversations. Additionally, these discussions provide a forum for student leaders to express their views on the current environment, creating continuous dialogue to improve the overall campus climate.

Elizabethtown College's Mosaic Scholars program aims to strengthen community relationships by recognizing and encouraging students who actively engage with diversity, equity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging. The initiative honors students who bring their unique life experiences and involvements to campus. Mosaic Scholars contribute their ideas to discussions and activities concerning various aspects of diversity. Through their dedicated participation, these scholars play an essential part in building a unified and respectful campus climate at Elizabethtown College.


Elizabethtown College supports a number of Identity-Based Clubs & Organizations.

First-year BIPOC student success is supported by the Ubuntu Mentor Program, as each student of color develops affinity and connectedness with the College and the campus community by participating in an individual mentor network, including upper-level students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We want to ensure that every student of color is intentionally connected with a group of supporters that can predict issues underrepresented students may face, reflect a shared experience, and help eliminate barriers and navigate challenges. The Ubuntu Mentor plays a critical role in the support network, serving as direct partner and familiar resource for academic success and co-curricular involvement of first year BIPOC students.

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging is dedicated to promoting a more cohesive Etown community and offers a diverse range of programs, events, and activities. These inclusive offerings are open to all students, faculty members, and staff, with select events being open to the greater Etown community. Our programs are carefully planned to celebrate unique identities, establish relationships, and foster a sense of belonging. We hope to raise awareness about historically underrepresented identities, equity, accessibility, and justice through these projects. A semester event schedule is conveniently available via the left-side menu to keep you up to date. Regular updates are also released on the Jays App and the etowndeb Instagram page, ensuring that our vibrant assortment of events is easily accessible.

Elizabethtown College understands that being a non-native English speaker can present unique challenges in your academic pursuits. To ensure that you have the best possible learning experience, the College offers Language Modification services to courses that may include extended time to submit tests and assignments, access to supplementary materials such as translation services, or other modifications that can help you succeed in your courses.

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The Beloved Community Collective is a celebration in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life and work, aiming to realize his vision of a harmonious and just society. Dr. King's concept of The Beloved Community, first mentioned in 1956, envisions a world where reconciliation, redemption, and understanding transform adversaries into friends. This celebration goes beyond mere remembrance, urging active efforts to bring about Dr. King's ideals. Collaborative initiatives, including Diversity, Equity, and Belonging, the Center for Global Understanding and Peacebuilding, the Center for Community Engagement, and the Chaplain's Office, unite to create the Beloved Community Collective. This event, held in the early weeks of the spring semester, aligns with MLK Day and Black History Month, offering an opportunity to explore themes like cultural competency, social justice, and meaningful connections among individuals.

Mosaic Unbound is a monthly event co-hosted by the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging and the High Library. This program provides an informal environment for exploring literature, music, or art that explores issues of diversity, equity, accessibility, and justice. The content chosen is thoughtfully aligned with the heritage or historical significance celebrated that month. Participants will have access to content excerpts ahead of time to facilitate engaged discussions. Mosaic Unbound extends its invitation to the entire student, faculty, and staff community, encouraging an inclusive exploration of these important topics through the lens of creative expression.

The Ujima Dialogue provides a monthly forum for open and casual discussions on current topics of diversity, equity, accessibility, and justice. The upcoming topic is revealed a few days ahead of time via the Jays App and the etowndeb Instagram page and is scheduled every two weeks. This open discussion platform welcomes participation from all students, faculty members, and staff. Ujima, a core principle of Kwanzaa, represents the notion of "collective work and responsibility." By embracing this concept, the Ujima Dialogue Series creates a space for the entire community to engage in meaningful exchanges and reflections on critical issues that form our understanding of a more inclusive and just society.

Safe Zone trainings provide valuable educational experiences centered on LGBTQ+ identities, gender, and sexuality. While establishing a more inclusive environment, these workshops encourage participants to explore their own biases, assumptions, and privileges. These trainings occur annually, during the spring semester, and use The Safe Zone Project curriculum. The program provides attendees with extensive information on LGBTQIA+ issues while also developing a strong network of allies within the Etown community. Students, faculty members, and staff are all welcome.

Unlock the world of equity-focused design thinking with our recurrent online training, which is available all year through the Canvas course platform. This course, designed for emerging leaders, equips students to engage in inclusive learning, confront biases, and transform power dynamics. We dive into the fundamentals of design thinking to gain a thorough understanding of how to create equitable and welcoming environments by embracing shared values. Continue this transformative journey to strengthen your capacity for leadership while advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Elizabethtown College is committed to providing our students a quality education that will help them develop leadership skills, better their well-being and connectedness, and enhance relationship building. The Etown Blue Print program provides students with a roadmap for this journey, acts as a bridge between campus and local communities, fosters life skills, and creates professional connections that extend outside the classroom.

Blue Print Program

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Stop by the second floor of the BSC, Suite 208 to learn more about our Center For Multicultural Affairs.

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