Goal 1 Progress

Goal One: Affirm a commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence and allocate the appropriate resources for implementing the institutional diversity plan.

  1. Make diversity an institutional priority(ongoing)
    • Board unanimously adopts the Plan (October 2009)
    • Established implementation Committee of Senior Officers (Spring 2011)
    • Established Advisory/Steering Committee of faculty, staff, and students
  2. Report annually and publicly on progress on diversity goals (ongoing)
    • Progress Report issued (Spring 2011)
  3. Secure new grants and gifts for scholarships (ongoing)
    • Secured $100,000 grant from CIC/Wal-Mart Foundation to create Momentum Program (2010)
    • Established the Carole Isaak ALANA Student Scholarship (2010, currently below $25,000 level required to fund)
  4. Review marketing materials, includes websites to reflect diversity on campus (ongoing)
    • New Website foregrounds diversity goals and activities (Summer 2011)
    • Development of Momentum program identity, marketing materials and website (Fall 2010/Spring 2011)
    • Incorporation of Momentum as standard program offering in admissions recruitment materials
    • Designed web presence of MLK celebration as part of marketing plan for week
  5. Produce a calendar of events of events of diverse cross-cultural programs and religious and cultural holidays, linked to website
    • Events Calendar on Website (Summer 2011)
    • Print events calendar (Fall 2011)
  6. Conduct formative and summative assessments of diversity plan objectives
    • Conducted a comparative analysis of 2008 and 2011 NSSE data on questions related to diversity (2011)
    • Assessed the Institutional Learning Goal related to cultural understanding for Middle States progress report (2010)
    • Surveyed faculty about the effectiveness of Core Curriculum to achieve the Institutional Learning Goal related to cultural understanding (2011)
    • Implementation Committee assessed progress on objectives (April 2011)
    • FISS data related to diversity reviewed by Dean of Faculty (Spring 2011)
    • Enrollment and Retention committees conduct data analysis of student persistence and graduation rate of ALANA and International students (2009, ongoing)
  7. Institutionalize the use of a diversity campus climate survey and other appropriate means of monitoring the campus climate over three years
    • Employee Work Environment Survey (Spring-Fall 2011)
  8. Established Institutional Research benchmark data for tracking for recruitment, retention, and graduation for international and ALANA students. (Fall 2009)

Remaining from Goal One

  1. Set annual goals for resource allocation for diversity initiative.
  2. Establish fundraising strategies to increase scholarship for underrepresented groups