Goal 2 Progress

Goal Two: Create and sustain a safe and welcoming campus climate that promotes and respects the human dignity to all regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, ability, gender, gender identity and expression, age and national origin

  1. Clarify and communicate diversity policies to College Community (ongoing)
    • Revised institutional policies and procedures on discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and consensual relationships (Summer 2011)
    • Conducted self-audit of Affirmative Action procedures (2011)
  2. Extend benefits to Domestic Partners
    • Extended Health Benefits to Domestic Partners (2010)
  3. Updated Affirmative Action and non-discrimination statement to include gender identify and expression (Fall 2010)
  4. Reviewed all faculty, staff and student handbooks to ensure fairness and equity in policies (Summer/Fall 2011)
  5. Provide training for campus supervisors on discrimination/harassment policies
    • All-campus training on discrimination and sexual harassment scheduled for February 2012.
    • Admissions staff completed training on diversity (2011)
    • DAP training for student Resident Assistants and Residence Life professional staff (2011)
    • Dean of Students, Assistant Dean, and Associate Dean and Title IX Officer complete multi-day Title IX Training (2011)
    • Associate Vice President for Human Resources attended webinar on Sexual Harassment and Retaliation (2011)
    • Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Provost/Senior Vice President attended webinar on sexual misconduct in the workplace (2011)
    • Members of Student Life and Campus Security staff completed Sexual Assault Response Training for Student Life staff (2011)
    • AmeriCorps and student volunteers in the Center for Community and Civic Engagement complete diversity training (2011)
    • Webinar on Diversity, Inclusivity & Civility: Developing Students’ Cultural Competence sponsored by the Dean of Faculty, Center for Student Success and Office of Diversity (2011)
  6. Support Campus Diversity Advocates Program
    • Recruited and offered training to volunteer advocates (2010)
  7. Institute Staff and Faculty development programs on diversity (ongoing)
    • American Council on Education (ACE) on Minorities in Higher Education: What do current trends mean for your institution? (November 2010)
    • Innovative Educators (IE) on Diversity, Inclusivity, and Civility; Developing and Enhancing Students Cultural Competence. (November 2011)