Goal 3 Progress

Goal Three: Develop intentional efforts and opportunities that facilitate interaction among diverse groups on campus.

  1. Incorporate perspectives on diversity that reflect the College's mission of human dignity and social justice into orientation for new students (ongoing)
    • New programs on diversity and global citizenship added to orientation (2010, 2011)
  2. Strengthen educational significance of MLK Day as a platform for social justice and action
    • Extended the MLK Celebration from one-day to a week-long program, and included community and service opportunities (January 2010)
  3. Organize collaborative diversity and cross-cultural dialogues (ongoing)
    • Community Forum with President Long (Spring 2011)
    • Brown Bag Discussion Program (2010, 2011)
    • Weekly "rap sessions" with Diversity Office (2010, 2011)
    • International Fest (2009, 2010, 2011)
    • Diversity Film Series (Fall 2011)
    • Homecoming Heritage Gala sponsored by the Office of Diversity and the Office of International Students & Scholars (2011)
    • Diversity Munch and Crunch Dialogues (2010, 2011)
  4. Increase opportunities for cross-cultural and diverse living-learning experiences
    • Established GEMS (Growing to Empower a Multicultural Society) Living and Learning Community (2009)
    • Established "Friends of Asia" residential learning community (2011)

Remaining from Goal Three

  1. Host biennial campus-wide cross-cultural engagement opportunities and programs on campus