America's most difficult conversation.
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E-Moment: America’s Most Difficult Conversation
Salespeople, after dinner speakers, and those meeting prospective in-laws for the first time have all heard advice on touchy subjects to avoid: “Stay away from politics and religion.”  But according to Michele Norris, longtime host of National Public Radio’s award-winning “All Things Considered” and author of The Silence of Grace, there’s a touchier subject: race. We fear that we will offend people, disagree with them, or be misunderstood. Creating what she calls “The Race Card Project,” Norris found that asking Americans of all backgrounds to express their feelings about race in just six words opened up conversations. “Let us all WIN the Human Race,” “Race means nothing, values mean everything.” “I don’t see color only culture,” are samples of thousands of responses sent to Norris. After someone wrote racist words on a whiteboard at the College, Dr. Richard Newton of the Religious Studies department used Norris’ six-word story approach to encourage our students to share their experiences with race and racism. In February, Norris came to campus to deliver the 2016-17 Leffler Lecture and continue the conversation. We have much to learn about race and racism. Find out more about the Race Card Project at:


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