Is hard work the only contributor to success?
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The Gift
Is hard work the only contributor to success? Or can the gifts of mentors and friends make the difference in success?  Scott Jones ’80 learned the value of hard work. He grew up on his family farm in southern New Jersey and put the discipline and tenacity he learned early in life to good use while studying at Elizabethtown College and earning his master’s degree in forestry at Duke University.  In the years that followed, as his forestry career led to success in business, he thought about how, along with his hard work, drive, and intelligence, he had also been helped by others along the way. Financial support and mentoring made a huge difference on his journey to professional success. And he still relies, even decades later, on his family, teachers, and friends, some of whom he met while at E-town.  Scott’s desire to give back and offer others the opportunities that he had led him to create the Hearthstone Scholarship at Elizabethtown College which has helped students with financial need from Los Angeles, Miami, and across the country and made it possible for them to attend the College.  The latest winner is a young man from Pennsylvania. He is able to attend E-town because of Scott’s generosity. Why give to someone else? Because we have all gained much from the gifts of others; only by giving do we foster growth in others.  As Scott put it, “The seedlings I planted in the forests are now magnificent trees.  My scholarship funds are like seedlings for future generations."


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