Your Student and You: Turning Change into Growth During the First Six Months of College


Welcome to the First Year Parent Resource Page! We are excited to be partners with you as your student transitions to Elizabethtown and here you will find a host of resources that will be helpful this year. You will notice to the below that you can login to the parent class site from here and also see what is occurring on campus with our events calendar.

In addition, there is a link on below called “Ask Amy” and you will find this to be very important. Amy Berra is a key member of the College and my partner in the Office of the Vice President for Student Life. She is extremely well connected across campus and either knows the answer to every question, or knows how to find the answer. Clicking on this link will open a form to ask Amy any Etown question you have and then she will provide you with an answer. A secondary benefit of using this link will allow us to build an organic FAQ section for this site.

About our Parent Class

This course is designed to acquaint parents of new students to the transitions and developmental opportunities that their students will experience during their first semester at Elizabethtown College. In addition, the course also serves to provide information and knowledge to parents to aid them in their own transition as their relationship with their student moves to a new state. Due to the unique opportunity the course has to aid families of first year students, we are making it available to any parent of a first year student that wishes to enroll at no cost to them.