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Exploring Spanish Language and Culture

As a Spanish major at Elizabethtown College, you will study with a group of faculty dedicated to your personal growth in the field. You’ll become an advanced user of the Spanish language and a culturally competent participant in Spanish-speaking cultures. Pursue your love of Spanish language and culture. We also offer a Spanish Minor for students looking to enhance their communication skills, expand their cultural awareness, and potentially open up new opportunities in their chosen careers.

Several Spanish majors and Spanish Education majors have earned Fulbright awards to pursue opportunities for advanced cultural exchange following graduation. Spanish majors at Etown learn through study abroad and optional internships. The Spanish program also offers you the opportunity to learn while helping others. You can participate in the Children’s Spanish program, take a Spanish service-learning course, teach others, and make a difference in our community.

Meet Our Faculty Course Catalog

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What Can I Do With a Degree in Spanish?

Many of our students choose to double major, minor, or go on to graduate school in other subjects to pair their Spanish and another field to find their dream job. Employers value proficiency in a second language on resumes, especially Spanish. Advanced language study opens new opportunities for you to apply for prestigious scholarships and fellowships that require prior language study.

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Exploring the World Through Experiences Abroad

With the Spanish major at Etown College, our Modern Language students spend one year in the country of their choice at programs in places such as Spain, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Our on-campus Study Abroad Office will work with you to find the program and country that fits your academic needs and your cultural interests.

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Active Learning

Spanish classes are active, immersive, challenging, and fun. You will study with Spanish faculty who have thought deeply about their approaches to teaching. Using games, multimedia, and hands-on learning, we immerse you in Spanish language and cultures. As you approach upper-level study, you will apply your language skills to service projects, advanced studies in literature and grammar, medical Spanish, or other rich areas.

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A Program for All Levels of Proficiency

You can become a Spanish major at Etown regardless of your Spanish background. As you invest in coursework and life-changing study abroad experiences, you will become a confident Spanish speaker. You’ll also learn culture, and history along your journey.


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Spanish Minor

The Spanish minor stresses language proficiency and cultural understanding. You’ll thrive as a Spanish minor as you study a wide range of topics. As you add this minor to your field of study, you will build a resume that demonstrates increased perspectives and skills.

Modern Language Clubs and Organizations

Learning another language is about being able to connect with people in another language, understand and appreciate different cultures, and learn more about how the world fits together. We provide our students ways outside of a traditional classroom to practice their skills and gain cultural awareness through our on-campus clubs and organizations. From sit-down talks with native speakers to cultural events, we offer our students a variety of ways to chase their passions.

German Klub

The German Klub at Etown College offers several regular events and outings. The Klub holds a bi-weekly Stammtisch (German Table) where German majors and others with an interest in the language enjoy lunch together and practice the language. The group also plans field trips and hosts film nights. Contact Frau Snyder for more information!

Spanish Club

You can practice immersive interactions at Spanish Club events. You’ll learn about Spanish-speaking cultures and current events in the Spanish-speaking world. Join us for fun and enlightening field trips and events, including, frequent conversation hours.

Japanese Club

Japanese Language Table meetings are held on a weekly basis throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Contact Dr. Takahashi or Dr. Bhattacharya for more information.

French Club

Contact Dr. Borilot to get involved with this exciting student club and their fun-filled events.

Anime Club and K-Pop Club

Contact Dr. Bhattacharya to get involved with these exciting student clubs and their fun-filled events. The Anime Club is instrumental in planning Jaycon , our annual anime convention here on campus.


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