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The Science of Human Behavior

Our Psychology degree program focuses on the science of psychology. You’ll gain knowledge by exploring subfields of psychology, gaining foundational clinical skills, and by conducting research projects that you design. As a psychology major, you’ll learn about human behavior, from basic brain function to interpersonal relationships. 

Etown offers one of the best undergraduate psychology programs in Pennsylvania for students looking for flexibility. Students can easily combine the Psychology major with an academic minor or a second major and studying abroad is easy to integrate into our major program. Our Psychology major program provides a firm foundation in all domains of the field.

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What Can I Do With a Degree in Psychology?

Studying Psychology provides you with a versatile skill set that will serve you well in any number of career paths that you pursue after Etown, including careers working in community or counseling centers, schools, medical settings, business, or non-profit settings, or as an independent consultant. Graduates are working for employers including Pennsylvania Counseling Services, the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute and Geisinger Hospital. Graduates that choose to go on to further education have the skillset and knowledge that makes them attractive to prestigious graduate schools such as American University, Duke, Villanova and Johns Hopkins.

Our new MA in Counseling Psychology program offers entry points for undergraduates interested in completing this MA program, which include:

  • Early acceptance into a 3+2 pipeline, which includes accelerated course work to obtain the combined BA/MA degree in 5 years.
  • Early acceptance into a 4+2 pipeline, which allows a student to explore more opportunities during their four years as an undergraduate before matriculating to the MA program.


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Clinical & Counseling Domain

Course offerings in Clinical and Counseling within our Psychology degree program prepare students looking to enter the subfields of school psychology, counseling psychology and clinical psychology. Students learn about psychological disorders and evaluate the effectiveness of various forms of psychotherapy. Advanced coursework provides students with opportunities to develop their own foundational counseling skills and learn more about special populations and disorders.

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Mind & body domain

Students interested in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and health psychology will be drawn to courses in the this domain. Students learn about topics such as brain development, neural plasticity and the effects of drugs on brain function. Courses in this area also teach students about the latest research on learning and memory, mental imagery, decision-making, and creativity. Students also learn about how the mind and body interact with one another during daily activities such as exercise and meditation.

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Self & Society domain

Courses in this domain prepare Psychology majors for the subfields of developmental psychology, social psychology, industrial/organizational psychology (intersection of psychology and business), and legal and forensic psychology. In this domain, students learn about child, adolescent, and adult development, interpersonal relationships, and social influence. Advanced courses in the domain expose students to the latest psychological research on stereotyping and prejudice, diversity issues, and specialized topics such as sports psychology.

Program Minors

Etown offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Psychology, and we participate in the interdisciplinary Cognitive Science and the Women and Gender Studies minor. Through our coursework, we give you the knowledge and skills that you’ll need to take your next steps. By working with your advisor to create experiences tailored to your interests, you’ll gain the opportunities that will enable you to thrive in the field!

Students majoring in another discipline can elect to complete a Psychology minor that provides a basic foundation in Psychology. Our minor is very flexible and allows you to explore the subfields of psychology that most interest you and complement your primary area of study.

This minor integrates elements of Psychology, Biology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Computer Science into a
unified field of study to better understand the human mind.

This minor critically examines the categories of difference, such as gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and religion, that shape human experience.

The Psychology program supports the Human Services minor which is designed to provide students with an inter-disciplinary overview of social issues in the United States, including human development, multicultural knowledge and the development of U.S. social welfare institutions.


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