Electrical Engineering Concentration

Our Electrical Engineering concentration, within the Engineering major, will equip you with the skills needed to make your mark in this exciting field.

Your coursework will focus on the many ways that electrical systems and devices make an impact on the world around us. Study electrical engineering, and prepare to enter a variety of careers in circuit design, electronics, telecommunications, signal processing and control systems.

Electrical Engineering Courses

Within the Electrical Engineering Concentration, you’ll take courses that involve both analytical work and hands-on applications. Your education will begin with a foundation in general engineering courses. Then, as you dive deeper into the program, you’ll focus on electrical systems and devices, covering topics such as communication systems, fiber optics and electronics, through the following courses:

  • EGR 311 - Electronics
  • EGR 312 - Electromagnetism (PHY 312)
  • EGR 315 - Communication Theory
  • EGR 317 - Physics of Semiconductor Devices
  • EGR 318 - Fiber Optics Communication Systems
  • EGR 410 - Control Systems
  • MA 321 - Differential Equations

Why Become An Electrical Engineer?

By becoming an electrical engineer, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly on the cutting-edge of technology, harnessing the power of electrical design to develop solutions to many challenges humanity faces in the 21st century.

Challenge Yourself

The field of electrical engineering is exciting and challenging! You’ll develop your hands-on laboratory skills, analytical thinking and creativity in innovation and design to solve complex problems.

Move Society Forward

As a society, we rely on the work of electrical engineers to provide us with the technologies we use every day, from the electricity we use to power our homes and businesses to GPS navigation and Wi-Fi. The application of the work of electrical engineers impacts a wide variety of fields, from healthcare and meteorology, to aerospace and national defense.

Enjoy a Rewarding Career

Electrical engineers are in high demand, and the need for their skills isn’t going away anytime soon. If you become an electrical engineer, you can reap the rewards of solving societal problems through your creativity, and enjoy the financial benefits of this high-paying field.

Electrical Engineering Salary

The job outlook for electrical engineers is bright. The electrical engineering salary for new graduates is significantly higher than starting salaries for many other industries. Although your salary may vary from job to job, the average starting salary for electrical engineers, according to Forbes.com, is around $61,000. After completing a few years of experience in the electrical engineering field, you have the ability to move on to more specialized positions and increase your earnings.