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Engineering & Physics Facilities and Equipment

The Masters Center for Science, Mathematics, & Engineering, contains classrooms, as well as a collection of state-of-the-art laboratories, studios, and research spaces.

design lab

Bollman Engineering Design Studio ("Design Lab")

  • Location: Esbenshade 164
  • Square Feet: 1044 ft2  (+ 110 ft2  storage room)
  • Function: The Design Lab is the location for designing and prototyping student projects. Teamwork, creativity, and collaboration are strongly encouraged in this space, surrounded by large whiteboards, and features six work stations with monitors at each station that show the professor’s display or work from any of the five students’ computers to facilitate the sharing of ideas, conceptual brainstorming, and advanced computer aided design work. The room is also associated with 30 department laptops with engineering software for student use.
fab lab

Bollman Fabrication Laboratory ("Fabrication Lab")

  • Location: Esbenshade 174
  • Director: Mark Gatti
  • Function: The $750,000 Bollman Fabrication Lab was completed in 2014 to expand our students’ capacity to prototype and fabricate parts for research and project work. It contains over $100,000 of equipment for metalworking, woodworking, and 3D printing. A full time Manager of Engineering Laboratories & Student Fabrication is available to teach students to safely use the equipment and aid in project prototyping.

Physics Mechanics Lab

  • Location: Esbenshade 163
  • Square Feet: 926 ft2
  • Function: The Mechanics Lab serves all laboratories associated with mechanics and mechanical engineering courses, as well as some general physics courses.
electronics lab

Electronics Lab

  • Location: Esbenshade 182
  • Square Feet: 954 ft2  (+ 209 ft2  storage room)
  • Function: The Electronics Lab serves all laboratories associated with electricity and magnetism and as a classroom for several courses. It is also used extensively by students outside of course time for computer and electronics project work.
robotics lab

Robotics & Machine Intelligence Lab

  • Location: Esbenshade 273 and 273A
  • Square Feet: 905 ft2  (+ 135 ft2  in storage)
  • Function: Instruction and research on robotics and machine intelligence, and Architectural Design. This space houses the new Etown VEX competition robotics club.
biomechanics lab

Biomechanics Lab

  • Location: Esbenshade 165
  • Square Feet: 450 ft2
  • Function: A research laboratory supporting faculty and student research in biomechanics, particularly motion capture and force measurement for analysis of human movement.
mechatronics lab

Mechatronics and Bioelectronics Lab

  • Location: Esbenshade 167
  • Square Feet: 397 ft2
  • Function: A research laboratory supporting faculty and student research in biosignals, electronics, controls, and communications.
students in water lab

Water Resources Lab

  • Location: Esbenshade 171
  • Square Feet: 400 ft2
  • Function: A research laboratory supporting faculty research in environmental engineering, particularly concerning water quality.
structures lab

Structures Lab

  • Location: Esbenshade 180
  • Square Feet: 397 ft2
  • Function: A research laboratory supporting faculty research in civil engineering and surveying.
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