Environmental Engineering Concentration

Our Environmental Engineering Concentration appeals to students who wish to couple their passion for the environment with their desire to create innovative solutions.

As an environmental engineering student, you’ll focus on improving, protecting and maintaining human and environmental health. After completing our Environmental Engineering Concentration, you’ll be prepared for careers in green infrastructure, water and wastewater treatment, solid waste management and environmental compliance.

Environmental Engineering Courses

Our concentration requires students to complete a foundation in general engineering courses while specializing in their area of interest. Our environmental engineering courses cover a wide variety of green topics. Your courses will include:

  • EGR 251 - Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • EGR 256 - Environmental Site Engineering and Design
  • EGR 351 - Water and Wastewater Engineering
  • EGR 353 - Green Architectural Engineering
  • EGR 368 - Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology
  • EGR 467 - Thermodynamics
  • MA 321 - Differential Equations

Why Become An Environmental Engineer?

Environmental engineers serve the public by protecting human and environmental health. We’ll challenge you to find creative ways to solve current global problems and protect the earth’s precious resources.

Solve World Problems

Environmental engineers develop solutions for challenges that impact the quality of life of people. As a global community, we face problems with water availability and quality, solid waste handling and clean energy generation. In our Environmental Engineering Concentration, you’ll be encouraged to develop solutions to these issues.

Innovate for the Future

Environmental engineers constantly work toward a sustainable future. Through our courses, you’ll complete projects that challenge you to think creatively and holistically while approaching environmental problems. After you become an environmental engineer, your efforts will concentrate on reducing our human footprint and preventing future environmental disasters.

Choose from Rewarding Careers

Environmental engineers serve others at the local, regional and global scale. The satisfaction of helping solve problems will serve as motivation as you pursue our Environmental Engineering Concentration. Environmental engineers are dedicated to preserving the well-being of the planet.

Environmental Engineering Salary

As an entry-level environmental engineer, your pay will depend on your living location, your employer and the type of position you hold. The average environmental engineering starting salary, according to Glassdoor.com, is around $59,100.