Major in Physics or Physics Education

Learn how the physical world works with a major in Physics. Physics looks at everything from the vast expanse of the universe to the smallest subatomic particles. It sets the foundation for many other science disciplines including astronomy, oceanography, cosmology, and chemistry.

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Successful physicists are curious about how the world works, enjoy being challenged, and are able to think critically and analytically about problems and the world around them. While a degree in physics certainly lends itself to a career in teaching or research, those are by no means the only jobs available to physics graduates. Physics is also a good foundation for careers in medicine, computer science, engineering, and government.

As a Physics major, you’ll take a variety of courses including electromagnetism, general relativity, and quantum mechanics, along with basics in calculus and computer science. You can choose several elective engineering courses to compliment your physics knowledge as well. You’ll also do advanced physics research with a professor, which can lead to publication in an academic journal. See the full list of course requirements here.

In addition, you get to work closely with a world-renowned physicist, Dr. Mark Stuckey - frequently in classes with fewer than 10 students! Not only does Dr. Stuckey enjoy teaching, but he’s been published in the best physics journals in the world and does cutting-edge research with philosophers and mathematicians that has provided an alternative theory to Nobel-prize winning work.

Biomechanics Lab

While on campus, you’ll also have the opportunity to join clubs dedicated to topics like future technologies, participate in faculty-supervised summer research projects, and even study abroad!Our physics degree program in Pennsylvania is in close proximity to high-profile companies in nearby cities such as Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. Many of our majors enter the workforce immediately upon graduation, working for companies including Raytheon, The Hershey Company, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, and government agencies such as the NSA.

Bachelor of Science in Physics Secondary Education

Combine your desire to teach with your interest in physics! Teaching is a rewarding career, and the demand is high for secondary education physics teachers. A major in Physics Secondary Education at E-town prepares you for a career as both an educator and as a physicist. In this major, you’ll take core courses and advanced curriculum in physics, while also completing the course and field work necessary for teaching certification in grades 7-12 in Pennsylvania.

As a Physics Education major, you’ll take courses in topics across both the education and physics curriculum including modern physics, earth in space, thermodynamics, adolescent development, and foundations of teaching. You’ll also complete a semester of supervised student teaching, as well as student classroom observations.

A Physics Secondary Education major is offered in conjunction with the Education Department and leads to Pennsylvania teacher certification at the secondary level.

See the full list of major requirements here.

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