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Coalition for Anti-Racist Education (CARE)

Elizabethtown College’s Coalition for Anti-racist Education (CARE) is made up of dedicated employees and students who strive to create a thriving community where all faculty, staff, and students have a deep sense of belonging and pride in a shared commitment to actively dismantling systems of oppression, and celebrate the voices and unique experiences of individuals of color.

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Our Mission

CARE seeks to generate solutions to complex, systemic problems within the College and support transformative institutional practice through collaboration, advocacy, and integration of anti-racist programming into curricular and co-curricular expectations and experiences.

Etown CARE Goals

  1. Distribute power across racial lines.

  2. Identify and remove barriers and deficit-orientation across policies, communications, and hiring.

  3. Make anti-racism a central value across curricular and cocurricular programming.

  4. Invest in student anti-racism resources and efforts.

  5. Assess needs and provide support for students, faculty, and staff of color.

  6. Work toward the creation of a Race and Equity coalition — a group inclusive of a broader group of people to conduct research.

Levels of Membership

Executive Council

The Executive Council is the core leadership group for the coalition. This group meets bi-weekly.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee directly supports the activities of the coalition on campus, weighs in on identifying priorities, and sets the agenda for the academic year. Steering Committee members serve in smaller working groups to conduct the work of the coalition. Additionally, Steering Committee members attend meetings once per month during the academic year.

General Membership

General members of the coalition attend open meetings twice an academic year to stay abreast of the coalition’s work, communicate concerns to the leadership team, and give voice to various priorities across campus.

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