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David Kenley, PhD  kenley, David

Director, Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking
121 Nicarry Hall | 717-361- 1238 |
Personal webpage:

Dr. David Kenley (Ph.D. University of Hawaii) has been director of the center since 2013.  A historian of modern China, Kenley's most recent publication is Contested Communities: Identities, Spaces, and Hierarchies of the Chinese in Havana, 1902-1968 (Brill Press, 2017).  Kenley is fluent in Mandarin and has lived in and traveled throughout Asia.

Kay L. Wolf
Program Manager, Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking
121 Nicarry Hall | 717-361-1147 |

Kay came to Elizabethtown College in August 2006 after working for Mennonite Central Committee--a relief, service, community development and peace agency. There, she was executive assistant to the director of the east coast office and a diverse group of 32 board members representing east coast states and Puerto Rico. She also was Package Design and Labeling Manager at Weaver Foods, Inc. (now Tyson Foods), where she served as liaison to advertising agencies in N.Y. and Philadelphia and the USDA in Washington, DC. She’s an organist with the Church of the Brethren and also volunteers with several nonprofits. Kay lives in Lititz and is parent of three adult children.

Ambassador John B. Craig john craig
Ambassador in Residence, Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking
Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking
121 Nicarry Hall | 717-361- 3757 |

  • School of International Service, American University, Washington, DC
  • International Relations, The National Defense University, Washington, DC

Select appointments and accomplishments:

  • 1998 appointed by President Bill Clinton as US Ambassador to Oman
  • 2001 Special Assistant to President George W. Bush
  • 2002 Scholar in Residence at Elizabethtown College
  • 2010 Ambassador in Residence at Elizabethtown College
  • 2011 Director of the Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking

Jonathan E. Rudy Jonathan Rudy

Peacemaker in Residence, Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking

Jon has more than twenty five years of learning in more than 30 countries in Asia and Africa, observing courage and grace in the midst of conflict.

Key lines of inquiry in Jon's work at this moment are;

  • the role of imagination in nonviolent approaches to conflict transformation;
  • interconnection between individuals and the environment;
  • the frequencies of subtle energies and mystery;
  • detachment, observation and non-judgment in creating dialogue space.

Jon has worked for/with; CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, Catholic Relief Service, Eastern Mennonite Seminary, Interfaith Center Conciliation and Nonviolence, Ka-ili-Yan Peacebuilding Institute, Lingana Foundation, Mennonite Central Committee, Mennonite Disaster Service, Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute, On Earth Peace, Oxfam GB, Oxfam Novib, United States Institute of Peace, VS Networks

African experience in the following countries: Botswana, Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Kenya, Mozambique, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Central and Southeast Asia experience in the following countries: Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, East Timor, Indonesia, Iran, Philippines, South Korea, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam

Jonathan Rudy's Blog

Affiliated Faculty

Kurt Barnada
Associate Professor, Spanish

Mahua Bhattacharya
Associate Professor, Japanese

Vanessa Borilot
Assistant Professor, French

Christina Bucher
Professor, Religious Studies

Dan Chen
Assistant Professor, Asian Studies

Jeffrey Long
Professor, Asian Studies

Michael Long
Associate Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies

Oya Dursun-Ozkanca
Associate Professor, International Relations

Mark Harman
Professor, German

Colin Helb
Associate Professor, International Communications

Michele Kozimor-King
Associate Professor, Population and Global Issues

Montserrat Linares-Farras
Associate Professor, Spanish

Charla Lorenzen
Associate Professor, Spanish

W. Brian Newsome
Professor, North African and Middle Eastern History

Richard Newton
Assistant Professor, Islam

John Rohrkemper
Associate Professor, Multicultural Literature

Wayne Selcher
Emeritus Professor, International Relations

Kevin Shorner-Johnson
Assistant Professor, World Music

Carl Strikwerda
Professor, Peace and War in a Global World

Nobuaki Takahashi
Assistant Professor, Japanese

Matthew Telleen
Assistant Professor, Multicultural Communications

Hossein Varamini
Professor, International Business

Robert Wheelersburg
Professor, Human Cultures

Sylvester Williams, IV
Associate Professor, International Business