Business Data Science Major

Are you interested in helping a business or organization to grow using big data? Our Business Data Science major could be the perfect fit for you.

This interdisciplinary program blends courses in business and computer science to provide you with a unique skillset for a career in rapidly growing and in-demand industries such as accounting analytics, marketing analytics, finance analytics, HR analytics, or e-commerce.

What is a Business Data Science Program?

When you major in Business Data Science, you will learn how to organize data, build algorithms and develop predictive analytics models with application to business problems. With a Business Data Science degree, you will be able to use your quantitative skills in a business setting to identify the variables that influence employee retention, customer loyalty, or investment decisions.

Why Major in Business Data Science at E-town?

By studying Business Data Science at E-town, located in south-central Pennsylvania, you will have the opportunity to receive high-level classroom training, participate in real-world learning experiences both on and off campus and grow your professional network with our strong connections to the local community and our alumni.

Keep Pace With a Rapidly-Changing Data Landscape

With algorithms and software around the world being updated on a daily basis, keeping up with changes can be a challenge. As a Business Data Science student, you will learn how to stay on top of these changes and to adapt your skillset to respond to the needs of business in the 21st century. Your ability to interpret and communicate results from statistical analysis in fast-paced industries will make you a strong candidate for postgraduate programs and careers.

Combine Your Skills in Business and Data

Our Business Data Science program is structured to help you gain the skills you need to pursue a career in your chosen field. You’ll take foundational courses in economics, accounting and finance, along with computer science classes focused around data. Some of our courses include:

  • AC 101 – Principles of Accounting
  • BA 101 – Business and Society
  • BA 325 – Corporate Finance
  • DS 300 – Data Mining
  • DAT 315 – Machine Learning

Grow Your Professional Network

We have a strong connection with our Business department alumni and businesses in the local community and provide a number of networking opportunities for our students throughout the year. These networks also help our students to gain internship placements and jobs after graduation.

What Can You Do With a Business Data Science Degree?

Are you interested in a career as an HR Analyst?

  • Demand for this career will grow by 44% by 2028
  • Median salary: $61,498 per year


Careers in this field are growing quickly. According to, careers as a Business Analyst are some of the best in the country, with an average starting salary of $71,000.

After completing your degree in Business Data Science, you will be ready to enter the workforce in roles such as:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Administrator
  • Business Analyst
  • HR Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst