International Business Major

Increasingly, top-level and executive positions are reserved for professionals with international experience.

The International Business (IB) major at Elizabethtown College offers an innovative, practical and integrated curriculum that combines business skills with proficiency in a foreign language, understanding of other cultures and effective communications from a global perspective. The selective nature of our program allows us to bring in an exceptional class each year to learn about global business management through mentoring by faculty and members of the IB Advisory Board. With an International Business degree from E-town, you will be prepared for positions at global companies in roles such as a global financial manager, a consultant for global companies, an international accountant, an international economist or an import/export compliance specialist.

Student Stories

Why study International Business at E-town College?

Global experience is increasingly important in the business world today and companies are looking for employees who have a global perspective, understand our interconnection with other countries and are able to negotiate with people from other cultures.

Our International Business degree has distinct components that give you the skills, knowledge and experience you need to succeed in today’s global market. Our selective program accepts top students who will thrive in an exciting and challenging classroom environment. We provide many departmental opportunities for students to get involved and prepare for the future.

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International Business Major Courses

In addition to core Business courses in accounting, marketing, finance, economics and management, your International Business program will include a combination of business studies, foreign culture and international interaction classes. Some of the courses you may take to complete your degree include:

  • BA 258 - Global Business Negotiations
  • FIN 327 - International Financial Management
  • BA 337 - International Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
  • EC 307 - International Economics
  • PS 245 - NCH International Relations or PS 150 – Comparative Politics
  • BA 497 - International Business Seminar

In addition to courses specific to the major, students will be required to complete modern language course requirements. For complete course information for our international business degree, please view our course catalog.

Become Proficient in a Modern Language

Those who pursue this degree must choose a language concentration. Students will spend a semester or even a year abroad to polish their language skills. Our students may choose one of the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Study Abroad & Complete Our Innovative Curriculum

To complete our International Business degree, you must participate in a study abroad experience. Through our program, you’ll have the ability to concentrate in a business area of your choice such as Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Economics or Management. No matter what area that you choose to focus on, you'll gain an understanding of the history, economic and political systems of different cultures and master the skills to interact and negotiate effectively in the global community.

Benefit from Mentorship Experiences

As an International Business major, you’ll be mentored by an executive in your area of interest. Our selective program allows our students to develop close relationships with our faculty and members of the International Business Advisory Board. These interactions provide excellent networking opportunities for our students throughout their time at E-town and beyond. Our Advisory Board members have offered numerous internship and full time job opportunities to our students.

Gain Hands-On Experience with Real-World Projects

Through your studies, you will complete an approved internship and participate in real-world projects and hands-on activities for multinational companies. In our finance lab, you’ll interact with the real business world while working with real-time global commerce data. You will work with faculty advisors on research projects and have the opportunity to present your research at national and international conferences as well as publication of your work in reputable academic journals.

IB Alumni Ambassadors

Prepare for A Career in International Business Management

Our faculty and curriculum work together to provide you with essential global business management skills, so you’ll be prepared for any position in any location around the world after graduation. Our active alumni network is available to our students to assist with mentorship and career exploration.
Jessica Deremigio Baker
Jessica (Deremigio) Baker '05
Project Manager
Project Manager, Financial Services Business Development, Bloomberg L.P.
  • Foreign Language: German
  • Study Abroad Location: Marburg, Germany
  • First Job After Graduation: Treasury Mangagement Consultant, M&T Bank
Kyle Buffenmyer
Kyle Buffenmyer '08
Senior Manager
Senior Manager, International Expansion, Square Trade, San Francisco
  • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Study Abroad Location: Quito, Ecuador
  • Graduate School/Degree: Harvard MBA
  • First Job After Graduation: Analyst, Al Rajhi Holding, Saudi Arabia
Ashley Clark
Ashley Clark '13
Senior Business Analyst
Senior Business Analyst, KBA North America Inc.
  • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Study Abroad Location: Bareclona, Spain and Quito, Ecuador
  • First Job After Graduation: Business Analyst, KBA North America
At E-town, you will learn about International Business management in our new finance lab in the Hoover Center for Business. Our professors will help you to interact with real businesses while working with real-time global commerce data.

Our goal is to prepare every student completing the International Business degree for any position anywhere in the world after graduation. That’s why we require our students to participate in a study abroad experience and work on real projects for multinational companies. These opportunities allow our students to engage with global business strategies in a foreign country before they graduate, giving them an advantage over their peers from other colleges and universities.

Our selective program has distinct components that, together, give you the skills and knowledge you need to work in today's global marketplace:

Graduate School Preparedness

Upon graduating, our International Business majors have moved on to positions and top companies or to graduate MBA programs such as:
Schools and Universities:

Harvard Business School


New York University

Law Programs:

Pitt Law

Penn State Law

Our alumni work in various fields at firms such as:






United Nations

International Success

Ashley Hoang

Ashley Hoang '15

International Student from Vietnam

I was given the opportunity to learn so much not only in the classroom, but also from other college experiences. I was always a busy bee and challenged myself through different academic and social activities to enjoy my college years to the fullest.

The IB program at E-town has been named one of the most comprehensive and highly-ranked programs in the U.S. It has opened many doors for students, including me, to enter the business world. I came to E-town College five years ago as an International Student from Vietnam. As an International Business major who has a keen interest in Finance, I tried my best to maximize my exposure to different aspects of the field including participating in a consulting project for Armstrong World Industries Inc., publishing Finance research in the College’s annual Business Digest, receiving first place in Gill/McDaniel College Finance Competition and participating in the CFA Research Challenge. In every position, I actively utilized my leadership skills and knowledge to pursue success. As I immersed myself in analytical and critical thinking, the dream of becoming a finance consultant was seeded. When not working on business projects, I enjoyed social activities that contributed to the community. I was an active member of two volunteer organizations: Britney’s Hope Foundation and Only Rice is not Enough. Both organizations provide resources to address the needs of orphanages and poor children. These different roles have not only sharpened my skills, but also made my learning experience a meaningful journey.

One of the most valuable experiences that I found unique to E-town is the endless opportunities students are given to set foot in real industry work. In my sophomore year, I had a chance to complete my internship at Fulton Financial Corporation’s International Department. The position gave me a chance to utilize what I learned in class. I also developed many valuable relationships with my co-workers and managers, who gave me great support and advice throughout my time at Fulton.

My CIP project was another great hands-on experience that I was able to complete during my time in E-town. The project partners with real companies to give students real world scenarios to analyze and find solutions to present to the company. I enjoyed the work because I was involved in every step along the way to solve the problem instead of just reading hypothetical cases and writing an essay about them. During the CIP project, my group partners and I were able to visit the actual production plant, talk to managers and specialists and discuss the best way to solve the issue. At the end of the project, we were more knowledgeable in the subject matter that we worked on and learned so much about working in teams. Those experiences were valuable as they helped me ease into the industry with preparation and practice.

Without the support from my mentors and friends at E-town, I wouldn’t have achieved such milestones. The close-knit campus helps connect people together. I made friends with people from diverse backgrounds which broadened my perspectives significantly. The IB mentoring program is a great opportunity to seek counsel from mentors who are working in the industry and are willing to provide advice. When looking back, I am so glad that I chose to come to E-town. I was given the chance to grow professionally and personally.

From the Department of Business

Blair Hendricks

Blair Hendricks ’18

Senior International BUsiness major presents SCARP project at landmark conference.

“I have a personal passion for sustainability … there’s a lot more that we could be doing with student engagement regarding sustainability on-campus.”

Blair Hendricks, a senior international business major, worked with the Department of Engineering and the College's Sustainability Committee to create a Summer Scholarship, Creative Arts and Research Project about the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System for Elizabethtown College. This is a self-reporting system about everything you can think of in regard to sustainability. Are there clubs or professors who work sustainability into their curriculum? Are students or faculty members thought of in the College’s changes in sustainability? Through this project, Hendricks hopes to increase student engagement in sustainability and help the College become more resourceful.

International Success

Joachim Hellesen

Joachim Hellesen '17

Business Analyst, Deloitte Consulting

"E-town, the IB program, and all the professors in the business department were crucial in my development and in getting me to where I am today. I can’t speak highly enough of the program and everyone involved – they helped me get to where I am today, working as an Analyst for Deloitte Consulting."

My experiences and studies at Elizabethtown College have helped me further my professional career. I landed my first internship in the summer between my Sophomore and Junior year as an International Air Freight Forwarding Intern with Able Freight Services Inc., based out of their Los Angeles office. There, I worked with shipping, analysis of the business, and overall business improvement by implementing new systems.

My work and experience at Able Freight, as well as continued academic effort at E-town, helped me land my second internship during the summer between my Junior and Senior year as a Project Controller Analyst at Deloitte Consulting, based out of their Harrisburg office. During my time at Deloitte, I worked on multiple accounts performing financials tasks and analysis, as well as presenting in front of company partners and clients, among other things.

E-town, the IB program, and all the professors in the business department were crucial in my development and in getting me to where I am today. I can’t speak highly enough of the program and everyone involved – they helped me get to where I am today, working as an Analyst for Deloitte Consulting.

Overall, I am so happy that I chose to come to E-town. The friends, memories, and experiences made there will last a lifetime.

International Success

Jordan Ridge

Jordan Ridge '11


Jordan graduated with a degree in International Finance and Spanish. While at E-town, she completed an internship at The Hershey Company in Corporate Social Responsibility. After graduation, Jordan moved to Potchefstroom, South Africa and began working with Mosaic Community Developments, an organization focused on implementing a sustainable orphan care model across South Africa. While in South Africa, Jordan experienced the hopelessness of unemployment among foster parents living within Mosaic's community. She responded to this need by starting a business called Made by Mosaic, which allowed foster mothers to knit and crochet scarves for income. Her business has transformed into an industrial bakery and a leather handbag factory which sells products around the world.

In 2012, Jordan was chosen as one of Google's Zeitgeist Young Minds for her work. In 2015, Jordan worked with fellow E-town alumni to allow local sales in the U.S. through their online store. Jordan returned to Pennsylvania in 2016 and currently serves on the International Business Advisory Board at E-town.

From International Business

Tyler Kunkle

Tyler Kunkle '14

International Business and German Graduate and Fulbright recipient.

After a two-month internship in Dallas, Texas, Tyler Kunkle took his Fulbright oversees to Germany, where he served as an English teaching assistant. While in Mainz, Germany, the Fulbright recipient taught English language and literature to students in grades five through 13. He returned to the United States in 2015 and currently works as a program coordinator for the American Friends of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Decision Factors


Have an SAT score of at least 1200


Are in the top 15 percent of your high school class


Have at least 2-3 years of a foreign language in high school


Are interested in some aspect of business


Would like to study abroad and learn more about other countries and cultures