Our Marketing Major

Looking for marketing courses at a Pennsylvania college that will teach you skills with universal relevance?

Elizabethtown College offers a Marketing major that will prepare you for a variety of roles. Marketers work in all areas of business from traditional product marketing to tackling emerging technology with digital marketing strategies, developing pricing strategies to managing promotional materials. You could even branch out into the more creative side of things as an advertising copywriter or graphic designer. You have the possibility to work up to the role of Account Executive, Marketing Manager, or Chief Marketing Officer of a corporation.

There are so many career paths open to you and our Marketing major provides you with the flexibility and breadth of options to pursue the path that interests you most. Our graduates have worked for some of the top companies in the world, including The Hershey Company, Unilever, McCormick, Mars, Omnicom, Discovery Networks, ESPN, Turkey Hill, Ahold and Mondelez.

Why Enroll in a Marketing Program?

As a marketer for an organization, you will play a strategic role in its growth and development. Customers keep the company thriving, so it is crucial to understand their attitudes and behavior. Our Marketing program places special emphasis on research-based strategies to identify, attract, and retain customers, through an understanding of all aspects of the marketing mix.

Become A Marketing Professional from Day One

Every company asks: what do we know about our customers? How do we get and keep them? Why should they buy from us? In marketing, we are chiefly concerned with being better at satisfying the customer than our competitors are. If we manage that, we bring in money to ensure that the business continues to grow. If we don’t, the company sinks. Interested in ensuring your company’s growth? Come join us in marketing.

You can choose from five new tracks within the major to tailor your E-town experience to your career goals and interests:

Category Management:

The role of a Category Management Analyst is to identify opportunities to maximize sales for a certain category of products (such as food items and cosmetics) by collecting and assessing data on the product, competitor brands and consumer trends.

We’re excited to offer this track in association with the Category Management Association, providing our students with the opportunity to sit for certifications that are typically only available to working professionals. We are the only school in PA and only one of five nationally to offer this type of program!

Advertising and Promotional Management:

If you are interested in working in a visually creative field such as digital marketing or advertising, this track could be perfect for you! You will learn how to interpret and analyze consumer behavior and adapt these findings to successful marketing campaigns for a product or service. This track also offers opportunities to learn more about public relations and visual communications, in collaboration with our Communications Department.

Sales Management:

Looking for a career in sales? This track will provide you with the tools to pursue these opportunities as you study traditional service and retail marketing, learn how to write and present business plans, identify sustainable business practices and manage business budgets.

Marketing Analytics:

Data is a crucial part of the business world and knowing how to interpret this is key to your career success. Within this track, you will take classes in data analytics, market research and business analytics. You will gain a strong understanding of technical concepts and data analysis skills that can be used to drive effective marketing campaigns.


Our self-designed track allows you the opportunity to work with our Business faculty to construct a program that fits your unique passions. With guidance from your advisors, you will complete directed studies in core business areas, such as consumer behavior, alongside elective classes in your chosen topic of interest. This is a great option for you if you are considering a career in a specialist industry or marketing niche, such as sports marketing, entertainment marketing or non-profit marketing.

Take Innovative Marketing Courses

Enroll in our marketing program and learn how to make a company thrive and grow. You will gain an understanding of product and service development, different pricing strategies, and how price conveys certain information about a brand. You will learn about the role of supply chain and logistics in crafting successful distribution strategies. You will also learn approaches to truly understand customers, sometimes better than they understand themselves. You will also study effective ways to communicate with customers, regarding the attributes and benefits of a certain product or service.

Some of the classes that are available for you to take are:

BA 311 Marketing Research
BA 312 Promotional Marketing
BA 314 Sales and Sales Management
BA 315 Internet Marketing
BA 319 Consumer Behavior
BA 385 New Venture Creation
BA 496 Category Management
BA 498 Critical Issues in Marketing

Gain Professional Experience

Formal education is the foundation of a solid career. But eventually, you must step into the professional world. Obtaining a co-op or internship opens this door.

From the Department of Business

Jessica Sullivan

Jessica Sullivan ’18

Thanks to a co-op experience with The Hershey Company, Jessica Sullivan landed a job months before graduation

In her sophomore year, Jessica Sullivan, a senior business administration major with a concentration in marketing and a minor in communications, was approached about an internship with the nearby Hershey Company by her business professor Sylvester Williams. She worked full time for six months, returned to part-time work for the next semester and was invited, once again, to stay for a summer internship. Instead, Sullivan opted for a new opportunity this past summer with McCormick & Co. and, ultimately, accepted a position as an associate product manager at the spice company's Hunt Valley location. “The co-op helped me so much. I was always a detail person and good with time management, but this job honed my skills so much, and when I applied with McCormick, the Hershey name on my resume sold it."

We also offer networking events and organize career fairs where students meet with professionals and executives in the industry. You will also be given opportunities to learn beyond the classroom, with our Mars Wrigley Executive Lecture Series from local business leaders in global organizations, executive/student lunch meetings, outside professional events, and industry conferences.

For instance, last year, students participated at the Quirk’s marketing conference in New York City. As a marketing research conference, it is highly unusual for anyone other than industry professionals to attend and E-town students were the only undergraduate student group at the conference. Our students gained valuable insight into the world of marketing, with several obtaining internships and job offers as a result of professional connections made at the conference.

From the Department of Business

Quirk Conference

Hailey Parks, Dr. Greenberg, Jessica Sullivan, Kelsey Detweiler

Kelsey Detweiler ‘17

Business Administration major, Marketing concentration

“The Quirk's Conference was such a great experience! It gave me insight into the structure of the marketing research industry, which includes both supplier and client sides, and helped me discover which side I have the most passion for. The conference also provided me with a chance to network with the leading companies in the marketing research industry, which I’m extremely grateful for, since I would like to pursue a career in the marketing research field. I am very thankful to The Business Department for the opportunity to attend such a prestigious event. I believe that the insights I gained at the conference will improve my preparedness for a successful marketing research career in the future.”

What Can You Do With A Marketing Degree?

Marketers work in all areas of business from traditional product marketing to emerging digital marketing strategies. You could even branch out into the creative side of things as an advertising copywriter or graphic designer. You have the possibility to work up to the role of Market Research Analyst, Promotional and Advertising Manager, Account Executive, Marketing Manager, or Chief Marketing Officer of a corporation.

Are you interested in a career as a Consumer Insight Professional?

  • Demand for this career will grow by 19% by 2026.
  • Median salary: $62,560 per year
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Are you interested in a career as a Public Relations Specialist?

  • Demand for this career will grow by 9% by 2026.
  • Median salary: $59,300 per year
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Are you interested in a career as a Category Management Analyst?

  • Demand for this career will grow by 14% by 2026.
  • Median salary: $82,450 per year
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Are you interested in a career as a Digital Marketing Manager?

  • Demand for this career will grow by 10% by 2024.
  • Median salary: $129,380 per year
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

From the Department of Business

Jennifer Bobbin

Jennifer Bobbin '07

Jennifer Bobbin is a senior marketing professional with nearly a decade of experience. Her career has taken her from New York City, to London, and back again. She specializes in helping clients reach audiences across the always-evolving landscape of digital media. In her latest role as a Senior Account Manager at Inc. magazine, she manages client relationships for the magazine online, in print, and at national events. Before joining Inc., Jennifer worked for Martini Media and spent three years in London, U.K., focusing on marketing to international luxury brands and affluent audiences. Jennifer graduated summa cum laude from Elizabethtown College in 2007, with a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor in Professional Writing.