Finance Major

Do you have a passion for investment? Do you think you have what it takes to manage a financial institution? Consider our Finance program.

You’ll learn financial planning skills, foreign-exchange risk management, and financial transactions, ranging from leasing to mergers and acquisitions.

Why study Finance?

A Finance degree from a prestigious college in Pennsylvania will help you start a career anywhere across the nation.

The finance major at Elizabethtown College is at the forefront of undergraduate finance education.  Students majoring in finance obtain advanced skills in financial analysis and valuation, investments and asset allocation, security trading, banking, and risk management.  Additionally, through extensive practical training in statistical analysis applications, financial databases, as well as communication and presentation skills, our finance graduates are well prepared to work with higher level multinational corporate managers, marketing and accounting professionals, and other clienteles who rely on finance expertise to enhance profitable decision making.  Through engaging in a series of highly integrated courses and real world learning experiences such as case studies, research challenges, finance and trading competitions, along with seminars and talks given by leading business executives, finance students at Elizabethtown College excel in professional certification exams, series exams, CFA programs, graduate studies, and their career pursuits.

Courses you will take:

  • AC 101 - Introduction to Accounting
  • EC 101 - Principles of Macroeconomics
  • EC 102 - Principles of Microeconomics
  • BA 265 - Management and Organizational Behavior
  • FIN 325 - Corporate Finance
  • FIN 327 - International Financial Management
  • FIN 370 - Security Analysis - Stock Pitch Competition
  • FIN 412 - Financial Derivatives
  • FIN 415 - Applied Financial Analysis - CFA Research Challenge
  • FIN 420 - Financial Institutions Management
  • FIN 424 - Investments
  • FIN 425 - Advanced Financial Management

Careers in Finance

Finance major graduates have careers with prestigious banks, investment banking houses, asset management firms, brokerage firms, consulting firms, insurance firms, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

A Finance degree prepares you for a multitude of career possibilities. You could be a financial analyst and advise businesses on how best to reach their financial goals. Eventually you can grow your expertise to become a financial manager in charge of an entire company’s investment practices. If you like working with people, you could pursue a career in personal financial advising. Loan officers work with both companies and people seeking loans for a variety of purposes. Some other possible careers include financial controller, financial planner, financial services agent, or insurance underwriter.

Are you interested in a career in personal finance advising?

  • Demand for this career will grow by 30% by 2024
  • Median salary: $90,530 per year
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Smart investing is the key to financial prosperity. By graduating with a finance degree from our College in the heart of south-central Pennsylvania, you’ll be the one holding this key. You’ll serve as the guide for corporations and individuals seeking greater security, prosperity, and growth.

From the Department of Business

Sean Fiedler

Sean Fiedler '18

I am a BA major with a finance concentration, currently serving as the Student Senate Executive President, the President of Delta Mu Delta, the business honors society, and the Vice President of Omicron Delta Epsilon, the economics honors society. I am also completing an Honors in the Discipline research project, under the supervision of Dr. Emma Neuhauser. My research focuses on stock selection using momentum, value, and social velocity.

Through the opportunities offered to me by the College and business department, I’ve been able to gain invaluable experience in the financial field. I’ve worked with organizations such as Ameriprise Financial, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Pension System, SERS, and Emerald. I’ve held positions such as an investment intern, small cap asset manager, and equity analyst intern. E-town has set me up for success by providing me with the skills and tools to further my expertise and proficiency.

I’ve been able to participate successfully in many finance competitions, such as the Bloomberg Trading Competition, a university competition in which 265 teams competed to earn the highest portfolio return over an eight-week period. Ultimately, our team placed 8th, and was one of the top performers among undergraduate teams.