Client Pledge

As a team member, you play an active role in the development of your project. You know your goals and audience better than anyone else, and OMC depends on you to communicate whom you're trying to reach and what you want your project to achieve.

In turn, our role is to tailor the message to your audience by creating an effective end-product on time and within your budget.

Recognizing these roles and following through on responsibilities is key to the success of each project.

Your role/responsibilities as a client:

  • Define your project's purpose and audience
  • Determine your budget
  • Commit to timely communication with the graphic OMC team
  • Provide clear and concise delivery instructions
  • Meet deadlines
  • Mail file management proofed for accuracy
  • Provide content or photography direction, if applicable.
  • Commit to proofing work from OMC prior to printing and/or online posting


OMC's role/responsibilities:

  • Create and maintain a production schedule
  • Create an appealing, effective end-product
  • Adhere to client's budget
  • Commit to timely communication with and response to the client
  • Meet or exceed deadlines