Guidelines & Etiquette

Elizabethtown College does not have established rules and regulations specifically related to personal use of social media by its employees, nor does the school actively monitor social media accounts of students. (The student handbook does, however, have a student social networking policy.) We in the Office of Marketing and Communications do, however, want to establish brand consistency on official and related College accounts as well as encourage appropriate use of social media as it pertains to your individual role at the College. With that said, here are some general suggestions and things to consider when using your own social media accounts, an account you created for a College group or when interacting with the main College website:

  • Use official Elizabethtown logo and statements in your profile if you are using social media on behalf of a campus group; contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for rules on use or to obtain the graphics and verbiage you need.
  • If someone posts a negative comment, we suggest you leave it; taking it down sometimes can be worse, especially if it is true.
    • Remember that, even though a post can be deleted, people can take screenshots. Instead, respond to the message publicly so other can see you've addressed the issue in a timely manner; this speaks volumes. Then, take any offline action you need to solve the issue. Also, refrain from getting into a debate on a public forum. Or, in Internet lingo, "don't feed the trolls."
  • Do not use profanity or offensive language on accounts associated with the College.
  • Be mindful of FERPA laws before you tag students in photos. It is good practice to ask permission to tag people before doing so.
  • Especially with YouTube, pay close attention to copyright laws; do not use music or images that you do not have permission to use.
  • Have fun, and be yourself on social media. That's what it is all about. Be mindful, though, of who can see your posts, and use your best judgment.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to consult with the Office of Marketing and Communications.