Documentation Guidelines

In high school, an IEP team, often without input from the student, determines accommodations and academic adjustments for students with disabilities. In college, students play a large role in determining accommodations and adjustments. Students should schedule a time to talk or meet with the Director or Assistant Director of Disability Services prior to their first semester to discuss the types of functional limitations they experienced in secondary school as well as those they anticipate in college.  The discussion can be by phone or in person, and should include thoughtful consideration about how a student will access all courses, programs, services, and activities offered by the college.   

Please complete the Student Information Form. This completed form in conjunction with a discussion often provides a wealth of information regarding appropriate accommodations and adjustments in the college setting.  You may also submit existing documentation such as an IEP, psycho-educational evaluation, or the following information from your treating healthcare professional Disability Documentation .   Under ADAA, colleges may require additional external sources of information to further understand the functional limitations of the condition and help make informed decisions about reasonable accommodations.  

Please be advised Colleges, Universities, and testing entities such as GRE’s, LSAT’s, and MCAT’s all have processes for determining accommodations; students may need additional documentation to meet requirements of other agencies.