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Housing Accommodation Request Procedure

1. The student will submit  Housing Accommodations Request Form  along with supporting documentation from their treating health care provider  Disability Documentation  to Disability Services. Students requesting a single room as a disability related accommodation should refer to information above. The student should also request a meeting with the Director of Disability Services.

2. The Director of Disability Services will meet with the Director of Community Living and/ or the Housing Coordinator to discuss the modification and consider options and suitable alternatives based upon current and anticipated availability. In some cases, this interactive process may also include the student.

3. In situations where the College is unable to immediately grant the requested accommodation, the student will be notified and placed on a waiting list until a suitable arrangement becomes available. Students should refer to the housing registration information in the housing selection tab in JayWeb.

4. It is the student’s responsibility to notify Disability Services of any changes in the requested housing modification during their enrollment in the college.

5. Students’ whose requests are denied or who are dissatisfied with the process or its outcome have the option to file a petition using the  Grievance Procedure .

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