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Single Room Request Information:

Any student may request a single room if they believe this arrangement will be more convenient or beneficial to their residential experience. There are a limited number of single rooms available and there is an associated increased room rate over the traditional double rate. Students with documented disabilities that might be improved by living in a single room may request this as a residential accommodation through the Office of Disability Services. The student's health care provider must submit documentation to Disability Services that must: 1) include a clear statement of the condition(s), including diagnosis and expected duration of the condition, 2) demonstrate current functional limitation(s) imposed by the impairment and describe how it substantially limits a major life activity, 3) outline the treatment protocol, 4) describe how a single room will enhance the treatment protocol (receiving a single room, in and of itself, is not considered a treatment protocol), 5) provide supporting information regarding whether this accommodation is best conceptualized as “helpful/beneficial “or “medically necessary/required” in order for the student to have access to the residence halls. As an example, a student using a wheelchair who requires a service animal and other personal equipment in her dorm room may require a single room in order to live in one of the residence halls.

The information must be submitted on official letterhead contain contact information for follow up information. The healthcare professional conducting the assessment, making the diagnosis, and offering recommendations for accommodations and adjustments must be qualified to do so. The persons are generally trained, certified, or licensed psychologists or members of a medical specialty. The health care provider’s letter will be reviewed by the Director of Disability Services, who will make a recommendation to approve (or not). The single room rate will be charged for all requesting students for whom the request is a matter of convenience or believed to be merely helpful or beneficial. The rate will not be charged if the health care provider is able to demonstrate the accommodation is medically necessary. While all attempts are made to honor approved requests for disability-related singles, they are subject to space availability. Students who request and are approved for a single room as a residential accommodation will be given priority for single rooms as they become available.

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