Academic Accommodations Request Procedure:

Students requesting academic accommodations  should submit the Academic Accommodations Request Form along with supporting documentation from their treating health care provider Disability Documentation to Disability Services. 

After this appropriate documentation has been submitted, requesting students should arrange a meeting with the Director of Disability Services. At this meeting the Director and student will discuss reasonable accommodation based on the submitted documentation and how the student will implement the accommodation(s). 

Students’ whose requests are denied or who are dissatisfied with the process or its outcome have the option to file a petition using the Grievance Procedure.

Academic Accommodations and Adjustments

ADA & Equal Access

The purpose of accommodations is to provide equal access for otherwise qualified students with disabilities.  The office of Disability Services makes determinations regarding appropriate accommodations and adjustments on a case-by-case basis.  We require documentation from the treating health care professional and encourage a great deal of input from the student in order to understand the functional impact of the disability on the student’s ability to access courses, programs, services, and activities.  

In some cases Disability Services will request input from faculty in order to consider unique characteristics of a particular course or program of study, such as performance based standards associated with internship or fieldwork experiences.  All students must be able to meet essential academic, behavioral, and performance standards associated with a course or field of study. Generally, academic accommodations are related to accessing course print and audiovisual material, lecture content, and tests.

Access to course print material

Students with print (vision, reading) disorders may request accessible course material as an accommodation. The office of Disability Services will request accessible PDF’s of required textbooks submitted through the College Bookstore Faculty Adoptions Procedure prior to the beginning of the semester for qualifying students to access with a screen reader, such as Adobe Acrobat.

If your instructor uses supplemental course print material or readings on reserve in the Library, please request these materials are converted into an accessible format.


Access to Class Lectures

  • Recording Class Lectures:

Permission to Record Class Lectures is an accommodation approved by Disability Services to provide students with certain disabilities equal access to lecture content. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (45 CFR 84.44) identifies audio recording as a reasonable academic accommodation. The Director of Disability Services will send an accommodations letter notifying faculty of approved accommodations.


Student Responsibilities:

Upon approval of this accommodation, the student needs to:

  • Complete the Recorded Lectures Agreement; and send a signed copy to Disability Services. By signing this agreement, the student acknowledges they will not to share any course recordings, and acknowledges that the recordings are solely for their personal educational use.
  • Talk with their faculty about whether a course involves personal reflection, self-disclosure, or confidential discussions, and discuss how these should be handled.
  • Discuss any concerns with the Director of Disability Services

Student Resources:

Students approved for recording class lectures may find the following links useful.

Audionote for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

Notability for iOS and Mac


Office for Civil Rights – Q & A Regarding Audio Recording

  • Assistive Listening Devices:

Some students who are hard of hearing may use FM systems. FM systems utilize wireless technologies to amplify the speaker’s voice via a lapel or independent microphone, and may be effective for students who have residual hearing.

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  • Inclusive instruction:

It may be reasonable for students with disorders affecting auditory processing to request teaching faculty speak only when facing the class, and not while writing on a white board or facing away from the class.


Testing Accommodations

Students who qualify for testing accommodations such as additional time and a quiet location will meet with their professors to decide on a mutually acceptable method of meeting this accommodation. While the majority of students prefer to remain in the classroom or use a nearby conference room with easy access to the instructor, some students may require an alternative location, such as Disability Services. Students who use assistive technology like a screen reader will need to take tests in sites where this is available.

Should you and your professor decide the best testing location is in or near the classroom, you can make arrangements directly with them prior to each test date.  If you decide the best location is a quiet room in Disability Services, you need to bring a Testing Accommodations Form to your instructor to complete, and then bring the completed form to the student Coordinator in Disability Services at least 48 business hours prior to the test time.  The testing is monitored by video camera. Our student coordinators can generally provide this service between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Please contact Disability Services if you would like additional information about this process.