Purposeful Life Pathways

At E-town College, we want all students to find purposeful lives and meaningful work.  We want all of your life after E-town College, including the earning of a paycheck, to represent your highest ideals and values in service local and global communities.   

Here are unique E-town Blue Jay ways we work with you so that you can unite of the world of your spirit and the world of your work in your future:

Blue Jay Flight Plans allow you to take flight and reach the goals that you have for yourself.

Wings of Success internship program allows you to embark on career experiences.

Affinity groups allow you to connect with others on paths and ideas that are meaningful to you.

Strengths Coaching allows you to discover your unique strengths and unlock your potential.

Called to Lead allows you to discover your leadership style on a customized path to purpose.

Civic Engagement allows you to engage in the community in meaningful ways.