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Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are sophomores, juniors, and seniors who serve as a guide to students during their first year at Elizabethtown.  They serve as mentors and can answer those questions that you just don't know who to ask.


Elizabethtown College has many inspiring student leaders, and the peer mentors are one group of student leaders on our campus.  They are helpful, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic upperclassmen who seek to guide and mentor our first-year students.  Their goal is to make every first-year student's transition to college a smooth one by being a supportive and caring mentor.   

When will first-year students meet their Peer Mentor?

First-year students and their families will meet their Peer Mentor at Orientation.  They will welcome students to the Blue Jay family and help with the transition from high school to college. These student leaders will guide students through June and August Orientation and continue serving as a mentor throughout a student's first year at Elizabethtown.

They fill the days of orientation with tons of enthusiasm, smiles, and willingness to help.  Peer mentors work with every First Year Seminar, so the students in each First Year Seminar have peer mentors to guide them through their transition to college.  They help students find their classroom locations, understand how the Marketplace works (our dining facility), utilize campus resources, and much more.

What is a First Year Seminar & how do I sign up?

First Year Seminars, commonly referred to as FYS, allow students to embark on a common learning experience with others in their incoming class. As part of orientation paperwork, students select their top 10 choices of First Year Seminar course options from a list of usually more than 30 courses.


Are you interested in being a Peer Mentor?

All peer mentor positions for 2018 are filled.

There will be information sessions about the peer mentor role in late fall and early spring.  Applications will be accepted for 2019 beginning late fall 2018.

Lead Peer Mentor

Job description

  • Requirements: you must have been employed as a Peer Mentor for at least one year before applying to be a Lead Peer Mentor

Peer Mentor

Job description

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