Vehicle Use and Parking Regulations 2018-2019

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Campus Security is responsible for administering and enforcing vehicle parking regulations at Elizabethtown College. Vehicle and Parking regulations are in effect at all times throughout the year.

The College reserves the right to initiate and change parking violation fees, fines and regulations at any time following proper notification to the College Community. 

The College reserves the right to assign parking areas to College employees and students on campus as needed. Vehicles parked in violation of these Parking Regulations will be ticketed.

All employee and student vehicles must be registered. Failure to register may result in immobilization.

Registered vehicles must park only in designated areas on campus. Vehicles parked in unlined paved areas or on the grass, NO PARKING zones, FIRE LANES, RESERVED/SERVICE VEHICLE spaces will be ticketed. These areas are enforced 24/7.

Vehicle Registration


  • All motor vehicles used by students, faculty, staff and overnight visitors on College property must be registered with Campus Security upon arrival on campus.
  • Vehicle registration by employees only has to be completed once, and can be done at any time. Decals remain valid as long as the registrant remains an employee of Elizabethtown College. Employees may register up to two vehicles. There is no charge to register employee vehicles.
  • Student vehicle registration must be completed annually. The cost for registration is $100 per academic year for resident students and $50 per academic year for commuter students. If registered after December 10th, registration is $50 for resident students and $25 for commuter students. Registration decals for the current academic year will be available on August 15th, however students may register vehicles at any time during the academic year.
  • A vehicle that will be on campus more than one day, but less than two weeks, will be issued a Temporary Parking Permit.
  • Campus Security must be notified of any registered vehicle no longer in possession of the registrant. Any person exchanging vehicles must register the new vehicle immediately upon bringing it on campus.
  • Vehicles parked on Cedar St, Mt Joy Street or College Ave need Zone 2 permits, which are distributed by Campus Security. Employees, commuter students, or Junior & Senior students living in Ober, Royer, Myer, Schlosser, or an SDLC are eligible for Zone 2 permits. There is no cost for a Zone 2 permit.

Failure to register a vehicle will result in an UNREGISTERED VEHICLE violation. Three Unregistered Vehicle Violations will result in immobilization of the vehicle.


Registration Procedures

  • Students must pre-register vehicles in JayWeb, using the Student Vehicle Registration form.
  • Students may only register their own vehicle (a student may not register a vehicle for another student). Vehicles must be owned by the student or immediate family member. If the owner of the vehicle is someone other than the registrant, a letter from the owner authorizing the registrant to use the vehicle is required at the time of registration.
  • A valid state registration (owner’s) card, proof of current insurance and driver’s license must be presented at the time of registration.
  • Decals must be displayed on the OUTSIDE lower left corner of the rear window, or left side of the bumper if the vehicle is a convertible or truck with a cap.
  • Decals must be visible to be considered registered. Failure to display a decal will not excuse unregistered vehicle parking violations.

Driving Regulations

  • All motorized vehicles and bicycles operated on any property of Elizabethtown College are subject to all provisions, rules and laws set forth in the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicles Code.
  • Violations include, but are not limited to, speeding, failure to stop at posted stop signs and driving on unauthorized roadways, pathways or on the grass.
  • Violations of this code will subject the operator to fines and/or other disciplinary actions by the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities or Human Resources.
  • Individuals driving on campus are required to stop when signaled to do so by a Campus Security Officer.
  • Speed limit on all Elizabethtown College roadways is 15 miles per hour and 5 miles per hour in parking areas.


Parking Enforcement

  • Elizabethtown Police Department enforce state and local parking regulations on all streets that surround the College 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Vehicles parked along borough streets must be moved every 72 hours.
  • Northwest Regional Police enforces the “No Parking” regulations on College Avenue from north of Esbenshade Hall past Lake Placida.
  • Campus Security enforces Zone 2 parking regulations on Cedar Street, Mount Joy Street and College Avenue. Employees, Commuter students, or Junior & Senior students living in Ober, Royer, Myer & Schlosser are eligible for Zone 2 permits.There is no cost for a Zone 2 permit.
  • The vehicle’s registrant and/or owner is responsible for proper use of the vehicle while it is on campus. Any violation charged, regardless of who is driving the vehicle, will be the responsibility of the registrant and/or owner.
  • Driving and/or parking on grass or walkways will subject the violator to a ticket, or more severe penalties if the incident is determined to be more serious. The question of intent is not a  consideration for improper parking, and will not be accepted as a basis for appeal.

Parking Violation

Fines are levied automatically for violations by students and employees and are billed directly to student/employee accounts with the Business Office.


Individuals wishing to pay their fines directly can do so by visiting the Business Office located in Zug Hall. Payment of fines is not accepted at the Campus Security Office.

Parking Violation Appeals

  • Individuals wishing to appeal a College issued parking ticket may complete a Parking Appeal in JayWeb within 5 business days of the date the ticket was issued.
  • The Vehicle and Parking Appeals Board, which is composed of student, faculty and staff representatives, will review appeals on a monthly basis. Appellant will be notified either by correspondence or email within 5 days of hearing.

It is the responsibility of all persons operating a vehicle on Campus to be familiar with the College's Parking Regulations. Failure to be aware of all regulations (such as vehicle registration and displaying of decals), or ignorance of parking assignments will not be accepted as a valid basis for appeal.

Lot Assignments (Campus Map)

Employees (Blue Decals)

* STAFF ONLY (overnight and weekend rules allow student parking)
# 2—Hoover *
# 3—Esbenshade *
# 4—Chapel West
# 5—Chapel East
# 6—Young Center 
# 7—Brown
# 8, 9, 10—Alpha (incl Alpha Dr) *
# 13—Church of Brethren
# 14—Brinser **
# 15, 16—Hackman Apts
Zone #2 (w/ decal)

Seniors & Juniors (Yellow Decals)
# 6—Young Center 
# 7—Brown
# 12—Myer West
# 13—Church of Brethren
# 15 Hackman Lot NORTH
#16-Hackman Lot SOUTH (Between the baseball field and tennis courts)
Myer Loop
Schlosser Loop
All Quad Lots
Cedar Street Ext. (Front of Founders)

Sophomores (Green Decals)
# 7—Brown
# 12—Myer West
#16—Hackman Lot SOUTH (Between the baseball field and tennis courts)
Myer Loop

Note: Lot assignments are determined by expected year of graduation, not by the number of credits earned. 

Freshmen (Brown Decals)
# 7—Brown

Commuters (Black Decals)
# 5—Chapel East
# 6—Young Center 
# 13-Church of Brethren
#16-Hackman Lot SOUTH (Between the baseball field and tennis courts)
Zone #2 (w/ decal)

Weekend Parking Rules

Students are ONLY permitted to park in Staff Lots between 6pm and 2am on weekdays and 4pm Friday through 2am Monday ONLY.

Students are NEVER permitted to park in:
# 1—Admissions
# 11—Campus Security
# 14—Brinser

Church of the Brethren—Staff, Seniors, Juniors & Commuters are permitted to park in Lot # 13 (on the left side only) from 6pm Sunday until 6pm Friday. All College vehicles must be removed from Lot # 13 by 6pm Friday.

Parking Regulations

Guest/Visiting Parking —Visitors and registered guests may park in any space on Campus other than those designated RESERVED, SERVICE VEHICLE or HANDICAP. Registered vehicles may never park in spaces marked for Visitors. Registered vehicles parked in Visitor spaces will be ticketed. Visitor spaces are enforced 24/7.

Time Restricted Parking —15 and 30 minute time restricted spaces are available in Lots 8, 10, and 14 and are STRICTLY ENFORCED. No warnings are issued for time violations. Vehicles parked in excess of the time designation will be ticketed.

Loading/Unloading —Permitted in “No Parking” areas for the purpose of loading or unloading vehicles. May not exceed 15 minutes. The four-way flashers must be on. Vehicle may not block any roadway, pathway, exit and never park on grass. Loading/Unloading at the rear of Musser or the rear of Myer is strictly prohibited.

Use of Four-Way Flashers —There is no provision for the use of four-way flashers other than loading/unloading. Activating four-way flashers in any other circumstance is not an excuse for parking violation.

Church of the Brethren Lot #13 —Parking is permitted in Lot #13 from 6pm Sunday until 6pm Friday only for Employees,    Junior/Senior resident students & commuters. Drivers must park in spaces furthest from the church building (on the left side only) and may not park in any Reserved spaces. Unauthorized vehicles left in the lot between 6pm Friday and 6pm Sunday are subject to towing at owner’s expense.

Handicap Parking —Handicap parking spaces are restricted 24/7 to drivers with a state-issued handicap license plate or placard. A ‘temporary disability’ permit may be obtained through Learning/Disability Services for students or employees may make a request for reasonable accommodations through Human Resources.

Green Vehicle Parking -Parking spaces marked by green paint are equipped with charging stations and are reserved for electric vehicles only. Non-electric vehicles parking in these spaces will be ticketed. Currently there are two of these spaces on campus, one in Lot #2 and one in Lot #7.

Disabled Vehicles —Drivers of vehicles that become inoperable on College property must immediately notify Campus Security.

Abandoned Vehicles —A vehicle may be termed ‘abandoned’ by the Director of Campus Security if it is not removed from College premises within 48 hours of a request to do so, and is subject to towing at owner’s expense. The owner of the towed vehicle will be fined $100 by the College. Additional penalties may be assessed in accordance with state laws.

Enterprise RideShare Vehicles -During an active rental session, Enterprise RideShare Vehicles must adhere to the Guest/Visitor Parking rules above. At the end of the rental session, the vehicle must be returned to the designated RideShare parking spot.



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