Important Office Numbers

College Switchboard – “0” or 717-361-1000

Emergency – Ext. 1111 or 717-361-1111

Dispatcher/Non-Emergency – Ext. 1264 or 717-361-1264

E-Mail –

Campus Security Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster a safe and secure environment, which supports the College's motto, "Educate for Service", while encouraging moral and intellectual growth. Campus Security achieves this by promoting safety through educational programming, and working with other departments and members of campus to maintain a safe environment which nurtures learning and intellectual growth.



Our commitment is to improve the quality of life for all those who come to our campus. Conflict resolution is our primary goal, accomplished through mutual cooperation and understanding; or, when necessary, through the imposition of administrative or other legal sanctions. Inherent in the application of these sanctions is that such actions shall align with College mission and values, policies and established protocol.