Forms and Policies

This form directory is made available to students, faculty and staff to receive services from Campus Security.  

Campus Security manages a variety of services to include key and card access to all academic, administrative and residence buildings, ID Card, Vehicle Registration, and guest registration.  In addition, Campus Security offers bicycle and laptop registration, and a method to report lost property. This form directory is made available to students, faculty and staff to receive services from Campus Security. 

TRANSPORTATION REQUEST (Requires JayWeb Login)  Need a ride to the train station or Harrisburg International Airport? Use this form to arrange for transportation. We require 24 hours notice for transports to the train station, and 72 hours notice for transports to HIA. 

GUEST REGISTRATION (Requires JayWeb Login) Students who are hosting an overnight guest can complete this form at any time prior to their arrival. Guests under the age of 18 need to be granted permission from the Office of Residence Life to stay overnight. Bring the e-mail confirmation of this form submission to Campus Security when your guest arrives, along with photo ID. 

VEHICLE REGISTRATION (Requires JayWeb Login) Students who wish to register a vehicle should submit this form. Once the form is submitted, the student must bring the vehicle, current insurance and registration documentation to Campus Security. Student vehicle registrations are accepted Monday-Friday, 8am-3pm. All holders of College Parking Decals must review the Parking Rules and Regulations Policy

BICYCLE REGISTRATION (Requires JayWeb Login) Although Elizabethtown Borough does not require bicycles to be registered, Campus Security encourages all students to keep their bikes secure and register them with the department. Registration will help facilitate the return of a bicycle to its rightful owner in the event that it is stolen.

LAPTOP REGISTRATION (Requires JayWeb Login)  Have a laptop? Register it with Campus Security. If your laptop should get stolen and it is registered with Campus Security, then we will be able to return it to you if it is recovered.

LOST PROPERTY FORM Lost something on campus? Complete this form and if we locate it, we will contact you.

FEEDBACK FORM Have a question, comment, concern or suggestion for Campus Security? Submit a comments and suggestion form. 

KEY REQUEST FORM   All Key Request Forms must be signed by an authorizing Department Chair or Supervising Administrator. The Authorizing Signature signifies that the Keyholder has been informed that key(s) are available from Campus Security 24 hours following the date of the request, and that if keys are not picked up within 15 days of the request, the Keyholder will be assessed a $15.00 re-inventory fee. Keyholders should read the KEYHOLDER AGREEMENT. Keys must be signed for and picked up at Campus Security. 

How to use this form:

1.    Click the link and save it to your computer somewhere (the desktop works).

2.    Fill in all required areas of the form.

3.    Save the completed form.

4.    Follow the directions for the form submission. 

Review ID Card Rules and Regulations Policy