Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle and Parking Regulations


Q: Where do I register my vehicle?
A: You must pre-register your vehicle online by clicking here (requires Jayweb login), and then bring your vehicle to the Campus Security office, which is located on the corner of Mt. Joy Street and Arch Street to finish registration and receive your parking decal.

Q: How much does it cost to register my vehicle?
A: Vehicle registration is $100 per year (billed $50 each semester) for resident students and $50 per year (billed $25 each semester) for commuter students.

Q: I live at Featherton Crossing. Do I register for a resident decal or a commuter decal?
A: All students living at Featherton Crossing will be issued commuter decals.

Q: I am going abroad in the Spring. Do I have to pay for a full year of parking even if I am only on campus for the Fall Semester?
A: the Parking Fee is billed each semester by the Business Office. If you are abroad during the Spring Semester, you will not be billed the parking fee for that semester.

Q: How will the vehicle registration fee be used?
A: The vehicle registration fee helps fund the improvement and expansion of parking areas, in addition to other projects related to the grounds of the campus

Q: Do I need to register my vehicle every year?
A: Yes. Vehicle registration is only good for one academic year and the registration must be renewed each fall.

Q: What does the color and number on my registration decal mean?
A: The decal color and number, which you receive for your car at registration, denotes your assigned parking area(s).

Q: Is parking availability on campus guranteed?
A: No. Parking is on a first come, first served basis, but finding a parking spot on campus is usually not a challenge. Occasional special events can make parking spaces more difficult to find.

Q: If I change my residence status (i.e. resident to commuter), do I need to re-register my vehicle?
A: Yes. If you change your resident status, you will need to obtain a decal relevant to your status. Your parking assignment will change as well.

Q: I just purchased my vehicle. Can I still register my car if I only have a temporary plate number?
A: Yes. You may still register your vehicle with a temporary plate number. We do request that you email Campus Security with your permanent plate number once you have received it so that we can update our records.

Q: My assigned parking lot is far from my residence hall. What do I do if I arrive home late at night and don't want to walk alone from this parking lot?
A: Stay inside your vehicle, use your cell phone to call Campus Security at 717-361-1264 and explain your concerns to the dispatcher. They will assign an escort to safely assist you to your residence hall.

Q: My friends said that students can park anywhere on campus during the weekend. Is this true?
A: This is not true. Although there is more flexibility with parking on campus for students during the weekend hours (Friday at 4:00 PM until Monday at 2:00 AM), parking is restricted at all times in the following parking lots:

  • Brinser Lot (Lot #14) - This lot is reserved at all times for employee parking only.
  • Admissions Lot (Lot #1) - This lot is reserved at all times for prospective students & families only.
  • Campus Security Lot (Lot #11) - This lot is reserved at all times for Campus Security vehicles and parties having business with Campus Security.
  • Church of the Brethren Lot (Lot #13) - Staff, Seniors, Juniors & Commuters are permitted to park here from 6pm Sunday until 6pm Friday. All College vehicles must be removed by 6pm Friday.
  • All spaces designated as:
    • Reserved
    • Service Vehicles
    • Handicap
    • Visitor

Q: Who qualifies for a Zone 2 parking decal for their vehicle, which would allow on street parking?
A: Commuter students, as well as Junior and Senior students who reside in Royer, Schlosser, Ober, Myer, or an SDLC, qualify for Zone 2 parking privileges. Because Zone 2 priviledges are based on housing assignments, these decals carry an expiration date and must be renewed annually. Zone 2 stickers are available available to employees by request. 

Q: My friend is coming to visit me. Where should they park?
A: Visitors may park in any space on campus other than those places that are designated as "Reserved", "Service Vehicle" or "Handicap". Overnight guests must be registered with the College and will receive a parking pass to display in their vehicle during their stay. 

Q: I will be bringing a vehicle to campus but will only keep it on campus for a week or two. Do I need to register this vehicle?
A: Yes. A vehicle that will be on campus for more than a day, but less than two weeks, will be issued a "Temporary Parking Permit". This permit can be obtained at the Security office at any time. Campus Security is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Q: If my parents own the vehicle I am registering, do they need to be present when I register?
A: No. Your parents do not need to be present. However, if the owner of the vehicle is someone other than the registrant, a letter from the owner authorizing the registrant to use the vehicle is required at the time of registration.

Q: Can my friend register my car for me so I don't have to park in the Brown Lot?
A: No. Students may only register their own vehicle. Students may not register a vehicle for another student. 

Q: What happens if I don't register my vehicle?
A: All vehicles must be registered. Vehicles that are not registered will receive an UNREGISTERED VEHICLE ticket. After receiving three unregistered vehicle tickets, the vehicle will be immobilized and will remain that way until the car is registered. 

Rev. Aug 2018