Our Services

Elizabethtown College's Campus Security office offers many services to the College's student, staff, faculty and visitors including around the clock patrols, escort service and transportation for students to train station and airport.

Safety Escorts

BL box

Campus Security will provide a safety escort for students, staff or faculty, anywhere from one location on campus to any other on campus location at any hour of the day or night. Safety Escorts will most often be offered on foot, and are provided by a Student Patrol Officers (SPO's) when they are on duty. Safety Escorts may be offered by vehicle if our officer staff deems the situation warrants vehicle service. Student Patrol Officers (SPO's) will be assigned this when on duty. Call Ext. 1264 or 717-361-1264 to request this service. Request for Safety Escorts may also be made from any Blue Light Phone on campus.

Blue Light Phone Service

Blue Light Phones and Yellow Box Phones are strategically placed on campus for your safety and convenience. Blue Light Phone Locations include:

  • Church of Brethren Parking Lot
  • Academic Quad (by Gym Patio)
  • Body Shop
  • Quad Parking Lot
  • Quad Access Path-Track
  • Quad Path
  • Brown Parking Lot-East
  • Brown Parking Lot-West
  • Writers House Path
  • Baseball Access Path
  • Hackman Apartments
  • Hackman Apartment-North
  • Hackman Parking Lot
  • Zug Hall Basement
  • Steinman Hall
  • Founders Hall
  • Leffler Chapel-2nd Floor West
  • Thompson Gym

Physical Security Service

Grounds and Parking Areas

Security on the campus grounds and parking areas is provided by in patrol vehicles, on bicycles, or on foot. Student Patrol Officers also patrol these areas.

Security lighting and blue light telephones have been installed throughout the campus and in parking areas. Blue light telephones can be used to contact Campus Security in emergencies or to obtain an escort.

Residence Hall Security

Security of the residence halls is provided by members of both Security and the Office of Residence Life. Officers patrol all residence hall areas, check doors to ensure that they are locked, and frequently check with members of the Residence Life Staff on duty in the residence halls. Access to the residence halls is limited to students and their guests, in accordance with college policy. Access to the residence halls by college employees is on an "as-needed" basis, regulated by a strict control procedure. Residence hall doors are locked twenty-four hours a day. A sign-in policy is required for all overnight guests. Residence hall ground floor windows have two separate locking devices to ensure room security. Special security procedures are in effect for students during low occupancy periods.

Administration and Academic Building Security

The security of these buildings is provided by Campus Security officers who patrol the campus. During night hours when not in use, these buildings are locked and are patrolled by the Security staff.

Train and Airport Transportation


Campus Security will provide transportation to and from the Elizabethtown train station and Harrisburg International airport for residential students. This service will not be provided for commuters or other students living off campus. It will also not be provided for family or friends of students.

At least a 24-hour notice must be given for a transport to the train station and a 3-day notice must be given for an airport transport. Requests must be submitted between Monday at 8AM and Friday at 5PM. Requests for weekend transports that are received after 5PM Friday of that same week will not be received and arrangements will not be made.

Campus Security will not provide any transports for doctor's appointments, dental appointment, counseling services, internships or any other non-emergency reasons.

Campus Security will not provide transportation of speakers, special guests or others unless at the request of the President’s Office.

Campus Security transports are primarily provided by our trained, College-approved student drivers. At no time will any staff officer provide a transport off campus if they are the only officer on duty.

Campus Security reserves the right to cancel any transport due to bad weather conditions or any other unforeseeable circumstances.

Campus Security reserves the right to refuse requests from individuals that have abused the transportation policy in the past. Any abuse will be issued in writing and one warning will be issued. A second violation will result in the termination of this service for the individual.

Requests for transports can be arranged by submitting a request form. Click here to submit a request (requires JayWeb Login) Campus Security will only provide transportation beginning from the start of the regular school year in August through the last day of finals in May.


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