Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help. Here, we’ve shared the answers to the questions asked most often. Please review this page to see if we cover your question here. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us.

What's the best meal plan for me?

That can be answered by the individual only, taking into account eating habits, lifestyle, class schedules, and participation in athletics. The three meal plans offered allow for flexibility in choosing what will work best for each individual.

How long into a new semester do I have to change my meal plan?

Two weeks.  The final date to change meal plans is always posted on the Dining Services web page.

Do my Jay Bucks carry over? 

Yes, they carry over from the fall to spring semester in a single academic year; They expire at the end of the spring semester.

Do my meals carry over from semester to semester?

No, they expire at the end of each semester.

How can I add more Jay Bucks?

Jay Bucks may be added via the Business Office website.

Where can I find my meal/Jay Bucks balance?

The Dining Services office can provide that information, by calling 361-1158. You can also check your balance on Jay Web, and by asking the Marketplace Host.

Can meals from the meal plan be used in Jays Nest or Food Truck?

No, meals from your meal plan may be used in the Marketplace only.

May I take food out of the Marketplace?

No, the Marketplace is an all-you-care-to-eat facility while you are eating within the facility.

Can I use Jay Bucks in Marketplace?

Yes, and also student charge. You can also use Jay Bucks and Student Charge at the Jays Nest, the Marketplace, the Blue Bean and at the Bird Feeder.

What about vending?

You can't use Jay Bucks in vending.  They accept cash or Student charge only.

Where can I find today's Marketplace menu and today's Jays Nest specials?

That information can be found on the Dining Services Menu webpage.

I have a food allergy.  How do I handle those needs?

Dining Services has staff members dedicated to taking care of students with food allergies and other dietary needs. Contact the director of dining services for more information.