Special Diets and Nutrition Info

Catering to Special Needs with One-on-One Attention

The Elizabethtown College Dining Services Staff does a lot of work with students who have special dietary needs -- we even go grocery shopping for them! The most common dietary need we work with is allergies. Our office has one full-time employee who looks out for all of our students with special dietary needs; she prepares their menu items when necessary.

If you are an incoming student with special dietary needs, first register your special dietary need with Health Services; you should get instructions in your first year packet. Then contact Eric Turzai, Director of Dining Services to set up a one-on-one meeting to discuss your needs.We'll then work with you to personalize a diet and/or menu items we already have or if something special must be obtained, we will order it or get it for them from the store and place it in an individual storage bin with your name on it. Finally, we'll educate you on how to take responsibility for and handle allergies and special dietary needs in a public setting, such as the Marketplace

The following links will provide you with more information about our cycle menus and our food allergy policies/disclaimers:

For more information on dining accommodations for students with food-related disabilities, including the Dining Accomodations Request Procedure, please visit Disability Services.

Healthy Jay Program

In addition to helping students with special dietary needs, we also provide nutritious meal options and education for our students about making healthy eating choices. Our Healthy Jay Program is a weekly menu set up by our chef that directs students towards healthier eating choices from what is offered each day in the Cycle Menu.

Our office also has books available, as well as lists of nutritional information, calorie content and more for each menu item.