The Fund to Aid Students of Elizabethtown (FASE) assists students with emergency, temporary, and unexpected expenses. Assistance may be given only once per individual and must be related to the educational experience.

Examples of emergency expenses:

  • Child care emergencies
  • Clothing
  • Emergency related travel
  • A variety of expenses which do not conflict with financial aid administration through the institution

Who is eligible?

Recipients must be full-time students at Elizabethtown College or residents of Elizabethtown, PA who are full-time students in any other accredited college or university's undergraduate program.

How can a student apply?

Students must fill out an application listing their reason for need and the specifics of the need, including the total desired assistance needed and where payment can be made.  No money will be given directly to a student for assistance.   

An application form can be downloaded here.

Applicants are required to write a letter detailing the problem and obtain a letter of support from a faculty, staff, family member or other credible person of the need.  Detailed instructions are available  or questions can be answered by contacting Rev. Amy Shorner-Johnson.