Procedure to Identify and Documentation Guidelines

Elizabethtown College’s procedure to identify as a student with a disability is based on guidelines provided by the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) to provide access in higher education.  This framework draws from the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAA).  The Office of Disability Services at Elizabethtown College requires documentation about a student’s condition in order to establish the presence of a disability, gain an understanding of how the disability effects the student’s ability to function in a college setting,  and make informed decisions about reasonable accommodations and adjustments to ensure access to all courses, programs, services, and activities. 

In high school, an IEP team, often without input from the student, determines accommodations and academic adjustments for students with disabilities. In college, students play a large role in determining accommodations and adjustments. Please review the section of this website relating to the type(s) of accommodations you are requesting (academic, residential, dining) and submit the student information form and requested documentation substantiating your disability  (IEP, psycho-educational evaluation, neuropsychological evaluation, or medical information from your treating healthcare provider). This documentation in conjunction with a discussion with you often provides a wealth of information regarding appropriate accommodations and adjustments in the college setting. 

Please be advised Colleges, Universities, and testing entities such as GRE’s, LSAT’s, and MCAT’s all have processes for determining accommodations; students may need additional documentation to meet requirements of other agencies.

Accommodation Letters

The office of Disability Services will give each qualifying student an accommodations letter at the beginning of each semester specifying the accommodations they plan to use. Students should make an appointment with each of their faculty, give them a copy of the letter, and discuss the implementation of each of the accommodations listed.  Students should contact Disability Services immediately if a particular accommodation request is denied.