Incoming Mail and Packages

All incoming mail must be properly addressed to assure prompt and accurate delivery. All full-time Elizabethtown College students are assigned their own individual Student Mailbox number, and their incoming mail must be addressed accordingly.

  Mail addressed to a Student must be addressed as follows:

Student’s Full Name
(Student Mailbox number) Baugher Avenue*
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

*For example, 123 Baugher Avenue



  •  Although your Mailbox number will be part of your address, DO NOT use the word “box” in your address, since this will cause your mail to be confused at the local Elizabethtown Post Office with actual PO boxes at the post office.


  • Baugher Avenue is the street mailing address dedicated to Elizabethtown College full-time students.                                                                     


  • Please DO NOT use the “One Alpha Drive” address, since this may cause significant delays in getting the mail to the appropriate mailbox.


  Mail addressed to a Faculty/Staff member must be addressed as follows:

Employee's Full Name
Department Name and/or Title
Elizabethtown College
One Alpha Drive
Elizabethtown, PA   17022-2298

Interoffice Mail & Packages

  • Correspondence distributed from one campus address to another campus address.
  • DO NOT send cash and/or other valuables through Interoffice Mail. Mail Services is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Make sure confidential and/or personal correspondence is sealed.
  • Interoffice Mail must be properly addressed as follows to assure prompt and accurate delivery:
  • Student Mail: First and Last Name & Student Mailbox number
  • Faculty/Staff Mail: Name & Department

Faculty/Staff Department Transfers: Please contact Kathi Moyer at ext. 1391 or email with any changes in an employee’s location. 

Mail Stuffers
  • Correspondence being distributed to a specific campus population via Interoffice mail.
  • Stuffers are not limited to paper correspondence, but may include the more creative types of stuffers such as those from RA’s, student groups, etc.
Guidelines for Mail Stuffers
  • Stuffers must be scheduled with MAIL SERVICES; however, stuffers are not distributed on Mondays or the day following a holiday.
  • Scheduled stuffers will take priority over non-scheduled stuffers. Please make sure you allow adequate time for preparation and distribution.
  • Stuffers going to student mailboxes should be tri-folded if they are full sheets or flat if they are half sheets. Stuffers going to Faculty/Staff should always be flat.
  • The minimum size for a stuffer is 4 ½” x 5 ½”.
  • Students who need to send surveys as part of a class requirement are limited to no more than 300 surveys per assignment.
  • Campaign advertisements from students running for class offices or Senate must meet the guidelines agreed on between Student Senate.
  • Stuffers for a particular class of students (i.e., “first year”) do not need to be addressed.
Non-acceptable Mail Stuffers
  • Advertisements, coupons, or other forms of solicitation materials from off campus advertisers, businesses, or organizations.
  • Perishable items (i.e., food items)
Mail Stuffer Procedures
  • Print the stuffer.
  • A 24-hour minimum notice to guarantee timely distribution is requested. Stuffers are not distributed Mondays or the day following a holiday.
  • Deliver the stuffer to Mail Services.
Forwarding Mail
  • It is the student’s responsibility to notify Mail Services of their forwarding address.
  • All First Class mail will be forwarded to the home address on record, unless Mail Services is notified otherwise. Please note that Standard Mail and catalogs cannot be forwarded.

Mail Forwarding Form- Click to Print

Click, print, fill in all information, and send to Mail Services...ASAP

  • Grad students: First Class mail and magazines will be forwarded, to the home address we have on record, until August 1st. Please update your mailing address, upon graduation, ASAP.
  • Returning students: First Class mail, magazines, and packages will be forwarded, to the home  address we have on record, until August 1st; then held in Mail Services, available for pick up, upon the student's return to campus.
  • Federal Express and UPS will not forward packages.  Any accountable items for individuals no longer on campus will be returned to sender. 
  • Please check your shipping address when ordering online!
Mail & Package Deliveries
  • Mail Services provides one delivery and pickup run per day to the individual mailrooms on campus.
  • Mail Run start time: 12:00 PM daily. Please have all outgoing mail ready for pick up at this time.