Tutorial on Apostrophes

The apostrophe is used to show possession and to mark contractions before the letter s. For plural possessive nouns, the apostrophe should go after the s. Some common misuses of the apostrophe are with plural nouns that are not possessive and possessive pronouns, most commonly it. The only time it’s should be used is when it’s a contraction for it is.

EXERCISE: Place apostrophes where needed in the following sentences. Note that some sentences might not need one.

1. Eds hat fell underneath the bleachers.


2. Luck often propels a rock musicians career.


3. Its understandable that she misunderstood the instructions.


4. While digging beside a big oak, I came across the trees roots.


5. Both diplomats briefcases were stolen.


6. Taken to its extreme, the argument might anger some people.


7. The laws are getting more attention now that its election season.


8. I hope you understand when to use apostrophes now.


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