Tutorial on Plural Nouns

Plural nouns indicate more than one. For most nouns, adding s is the correct plural form. However, there are several special cases. Add es to nouns ending in s, sh, ch, x or z. For example, wish becomes wishes. For nouns that end in y after a consonant, change the ending to ies, but for nouns that end in a y after a vowel, simply add s. For example, baby becomes babies, but toy becomes toys. Finally, some nouns have irregular plurals, and these require you to know their irregular form. For example, person becomes people, woman becomes women, man becomes men, child becomes children, and foot becomes feet. Tip: A dictionary can help you determine the right plural form of a noun.


Take the italicized nouns listed before each sentence and insert the proper plural form in the blank:

1. University. Many ______ are attracting more international students nowadays.


 2. Beach. Some ______ at the Jersey Shore were ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.


3. Waitress, glass. After the dinner shift, the ______ must stack all of the ______ under the counter.


4. Row, box. There are three _____ of ______ stacked in the warehouse.


5. Baby. All of the ______ in the maternity ward were incredibly cute.


6. Child, toy. Most ______ ask for several ______ from Santa.


7. Legislature. Most state ________ have banned texting while driving.


8. Man, woman. My students seem fascinated by the differences between ______ and ______.


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