Moving Forward Together

The Mission of Moving Forward Together is to foster opportunities for the creation of meaningful relationships between the students of Elizabethtown College and Local Area High Schools that promote academic achievement, emotional development, and contributions to oneself and the community.

Program Overview:

The Moving Forward Together program is designed to pair Elizabethtown College freshmen with 9th graders through to the graduation of both the high school freshmen and the college freshmen.

The freshman program is based on shared experiences such as:

  • Academic expectations
  • Community engagement
  • Emotion/social development
  • Being away from home
  • Managing transitions
  • Decision making
  • Time management
  • Organizational skills

Upper class program is based on shared experiences such as:

  • Academic expectations
  • Career/vocational choices
  • Health and nutritional Education
  • Community engagement
  • Communication skills
  • Adolescent development
  • Conflict resolution

High Schools Involved:

  • Milton Hershey School

Students accepted into this program will be required to:

  • Attend an orientation meeting
  • You must provide copies of PA Criminal Record Check and Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
  • Attend 5 activities with Milton Hershey School students during each semester
  • Communication with your MHS mentee weekly between meetings
  • Attend scheduled trainings and workshops
  • Complete an evaluation/survey
  • Prepare a 1 page reflection paper at the end of the program each school year

Note: A Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance, PA Criminal History Records Check, FBI clearance, and the viewing of an online training video about working with minors must all be completed. 

Current Moving Forward Together Mentors


Kirsten Ambrose

Danielle Barattini

Ricky Castro

Alex Chavez

Sasha Dellazanna

Ashley Doron

Josh Eden

Gabrielle English

Sarah Fuller

Camilla Keady

Andrew Kile

Morgan King

Kelly Kleindienst

Caitlin Lockard

Emily Martin

Madison McCall

Amanda Porter

Ashlee Punte

Erik Spiller

Samantha Tobon


Matthew Berezny

Katie Bibinski

Ashley Boland

David Callahan

Cecilia Hartley

Tommy Hopkins

Brooke Landis

Twila McAdams

Morgan Reiss

Grace Troyer

Matthew Vancleef

Courtney Whirt


Quadriyyah Abdul-Aziz

Brianna Floystad

Jenna Hansell

Destiny Harbison

Abigail Harvey

Nicole Kane

Kyle Lumbert

Brooke Mazzone

Katelyn Mowery

Samuel Niebla

Emily Seratch

Angela Wesneski


Elizabeth Anderson

Lindsey Fisher

Makayla Guzzo

Leah Jordan

Eli Kuklinski

Meghan Matje

Joseph Santos

Ken Wallace

Cait Zima