Modern Language Clubs and Organizations

Learning another language is about being able to connect with people in another language, understand and appreciate different cultures, and learn more about how the world fits together. We provide our students ways outside of a traditional classroom to practice their skills and gain cultural awareness through our on-campus clubs and organizations. From sit-down talks with native speakers to cultural events, we offer our students a variety of ways to chase their passions.

German Klub:

The German Klub at E-town College offers several regular events and outings. The Klub holds a bi-weekly Stammtisch (German Table) where German majors and others with an interest in the language enjoy lunch together and practice the language. The group also plans field trips and hosts film nights.

Spanish Club:

Spanish Club events are where you should turn to practice interacting with others in Spanish while you learn about Spanish-speaking cultures and current events in the Spanish-speaking world. Join us for fun and enlightening field trips and events, including,a weekly conversation hour. See our departmental events calendar for days and times.

Japanese Club (Ocha no Jikan):

Meetings are held on a weekly basis throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Current events and issues from prominent Japanese newspapers are discussed to understand and analyze what is happening in Japan today and what Japan considers its priorities in the world.Current trends in Jpop, JHorror, and the world of Japanese entertainment are kept front and center by watching movies and Japanese television dramas, and listening to the latest CDs from prominent artists in Japan today.

Ocha ceremony demonstrations, origami paper creations and shuji writing along with Karee Raisu, Okonomiyaki and Omusubi parties help students understand the traditional arts and crafts of Japan.

French Club:

Contact Dr. Borilot to get involved with this exciting student club and their fun-filled events.