Ongoing Assistance

Counseling and Medical Care Information

In addition to ongoing access to counseling services and medical care both on and off campus, students can opt for additional assistance.

Advocacy Support

The College’s Health Educator can provide support, information, and referrals to students. She can help students in understanding the College’s Student Handbook Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Exploitation, Stalking, Dating Violence, and Domestic Violence. Please note that the Health Educator can talk to a victim / reporting person (or Complainant) without being required to disclose personally identifiable information about the victim / Complainant to the Title IX Coordinator. Students can seek assistance from the Health Educator without triggering an investigation that would reveal the identity of the victim / Complainant but the Health Educator will share a limited report to inform the Title IX Coordinator of the date, time, general location, nature of the sexual violence on or off campus, and name of the perpetrator if known. The Health Educator will not share any information with the Title IX Coordinator that would identify the victim / Complainant. This general information is necessary for the College to track patterns, evaluate the scope of the problem, and formulate appropriate campus-wide responses. Before sharing the general report with the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinator, the Health Educator will work to consult with the victim / Complainant to ensure that no personally identifiable details about the victim / Complainant are shared. 

Amanda Cheetham
Health Educator | 717-361-1123

Amanda is originally from upstate NY where she earned her BSED degree in Health Education from SUNY Cortland and her MS in Health Education from Ithaca College.  She is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) through the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing.  Her health education philosophy is based on the eight dimensions of wellness, which are all equally important for achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness. 


Ongoing Assistance 

Elizabethtown College offers a wide array of assistance to students that have experienced sexual harassment or sexual violence. Some examples include:

  • Adjustments in class schedules and assignments, including the ability to drop a course without penalty
  • Modifications to college employment schedules or job assignments
  • Modifications in extra-curricular activities
  • Changes in campus housing assignments
  • Counseling services, including assistance in setting up the initial appointment
  • No-contact directives
  • Escorts by Campus Security staff between classes and activities on campus
  • Assistance with visa or immigration status
  • Assistance in understanding legal resources