LGBT Campus Resources

Many offices and people on campus provide support services, resources, housing programs, advocacy, education, and consultation to E-town College students. We are a welcoming campus community. Through educational programming, on-campus resources and organizations, the College is making strides in visibility and advocacy for important LGBT issues. 

Gender Neutral Restrooms

Single user restrooms can be found in the following academic buildings:

  • Wenger Hall, one on each floor
  • Baugher Student Center (BSC), on the student floor across from the Career Services Office
  • Esbenshade (in the Master’s Center) on the 3rd floor

Name Change Resources

We recognize how important a name is, and how as a transgender individual, you may feel your given name may not accurately reflect your identity. Out of this need to have your name and identity reflect each other, we work with our trans students through the name change process. While each person will undergo a different set of steps to legally change your name, depending on your goals and where you already are in the process, every student actively pursuing this option will have the opportunity to meet with an administrator on campus who will walk you through this process. Before meeting, you should consider the following questions:

  • Do you want to use your birth initials?
  • Do you understand the implications for federal financial aid if you change your name in our system but do not change their name legally?
  • Have you already been awarded a court order for a name or gender change?

To get started with this process, you can contact Armenta Hinton, Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Title IX, at or Beverly Schmalhofer, Registrar, at

The Preferred Name Change Form can be found on JayWeb. This is an internal form. Please log on to JayWeb before accessing the Preferred Name Change Form.

Health Insurance

The College requires all full time students to have Health Insurance coverage. If a student’s health insurance is not accepted at Penn State Health centers or does not provide sufficient coverage to the student, they can choose to purchase supplemental insurance. The college has plans available for students through United Healthcare/Student Resources. This health plan offers a number of benefits including the most recent addition: hormone therapy.

Students that choose to enroll in the United Healthcare/Student Resources health plan will have access to hormone therapy coverage starting in the 2016/2017 school year. For more information regarding the United Healthcare/Student Resources plan, please visit E-town Health Insurance Information or

Students may also contact Eileen Wagener, RN or (717)489-1021. 


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