Safe Zone Faculty and Staff

The Office of Multicultural Programs coordinates the E-town Safe Zone program, a series of 2-hour workshops that help faculty, staff and students become more familiar with LGBT issues and experiences. During the workshops, attendees develop an understanding of LGBT terminology, history, concepts of privilege and identity development, and build skills for identifying and interrupting behavior that may be discriminatory. 

Faculty and staff that attend enough workshops can become "Safe Zone certified" and receive a certification decal to display on their office doors or windows. This decal identifies dedicated safe spaces for LGBT students to connect with allies of the community. Below is a list of our most recent "Safe Zone certified" faculty and staff:

Names Departments
Amanda Cheetham BSC 214
Andrew Powell Campus Security
Anya Goldina One Alpha Drive, Lyet 242
Barry Wittman Computer Science
Betsy Allen Academic Advising/Counseling
Bruce Lynch Student Wellness
Catherine Lemley Psychology
Cody Miller Residence Life
Dan Chen PPLS
Darcey Mills Financial Aid
Deirdre Rocklein Residence Life
Eileen Wagener RN College Health Liaison
Evie Gerber Baugher Student. Center, Room 222
Hillary Daecher Young Center
Jean Pretz Psychology
Jill Trostle Dean of Faculty
Jon Rudy CGUP
Judy Ericksen OT Department
Kaitlyn Miller Alpha Hall, Room 306b
Katherine Hughes Steinman Hall,. Room 206E
Kathy Staib Athletics
Lynne Davies Disablility/Learning Zone
Marianne Calenda Dean of Students
Mark Clapper Alumni Relations
Michael Swanson FAPA - Theater
Richard Wolf-Spencer FAPA- Theater
Rick Fellinger Learning Zone
Stephanie Diaz Mosaic House
Stephanie Rankin Academic Advising/Counseling
Susan Asbury Student Rights & Responsibilities
Susan Brocious Campus Security
Tina MacKenzie Career Services
Veronica Umbrell Mental Health Counselor