Study Abroad Resources

Commitment to Study Abroad Participants

Elizabethtown College is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and sexual misconduct whether students are at the College or abroad, and to responding to these issues quickly, fairly and equitably. Study abroad participants are expected to follow Elizabethtown policies as well those of their study abroad programs and host countries. Violations of these policies may result in sanctions both at the College and at your host institution.

Elizabethtown College’s Study Abroad faculty led programs and other institutionally sponsored programs are covered by American laws including Title IX. Faculty or Directors of these programs are front-line and first responders for incidents of sexual harassment or sexual violence complaints.

Considerations and Potential Risk Factors

  • Unfamiliarity with local customs and culture
  • Access to alcohol and cultural drinking
  • Predators targeting student groups or vulnerable people
  • Professors and other program professional staff should always be careful to avoid behaviors which can be misinterpreted as inappropriate between professor and student.

Your Responsibilities

All Elizabethtown students and employees are required to adhere to the Elizabethtown College Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Exploitation, Stalking, Dating Violence and Domestic Violence which can be located in the Student Handbook, available at

You are not a confidential resource and should report any sexual harassment or violence immediately to Dr. Armenta Hinton, Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Title IX , or (717) 361-1179. Be sure to use the country code when dialing outside the US.


If you receive a report, tend to the physical safety needs of the reporting person. If necessary, seek immediate medical attention, preserve any evidence and document incident and Report to Elizabethtown College by contacting Dr. Armenta Hinton, Title IX Coordinator and/or Dr. David L. Kenley, Director, Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking, and local authorities.

Dr. Armenta Hinton

Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Title IX
(717) 361-1179
Nicarry Hall, Room 236

Dr. David L. Kenley

Director, Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking
(717) 361-1238
Nicarry Hall, Room 121


If you have any further questions regarding your Title IX responsibilities or would like to have additional information particular to your area of travel, please contact Dr. Armenta Hinton.