Facilities and Construction Staff


Mark Zimmerman is the Director for Facilities Management and Construction and has been employed at the college for  twenty years. Mark attained his Certificate in Management in 2001 and his BS in Business Administration in 2011 from Elizabethtown College.

Mark manages a seventy (70) person staff who are the stewards of the campus grounds and facilities.  The Facilities Management department oversees the physical plant which includes building trades, mechanical trades, grounds and environmental services.  The department is also responsible for the auto mechanic shop, technical and theater operations, SESP (Special Events and Summer Programs) and scheduling. 

Mark has over twenty-five years of experience in building renovation, remodeling and is responsible for the planning and executing of capital construction projects and renovations for the College in support of the College's strategic plan and mission. Mark graduated from APPA's (Association of Physical Plant Administrators) Facilities Management Institute and is credentialed through APPA with his CEFP (Certified Educational Facilities Professional).

Baron E Wanner is the Mechanical Trades Supervisor, has worked at Elizabethtown College for thirty-six years, and attended Stevens Technical School majoring in plumbing/electrical. Baron oversees campus plumbing & backflow inspection and documentation, heating, air conditioning and electrical. He also manages building automation system operation and scheduling.  

Barry Fritz is the Technical Operations Director.  The Technical Operations department provides support for events held in Leffler Chapel & Performance Center’s Musser Auditorium and the Brossman Common’s Koon’s Activity Venue. Barry has been with the college for over eighteen years.  Barry has also served as a faculty member, resident designer, and technical director for the college’s Theatre Division. He has a BFA degree in Theatre from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Curtis Edwards is the Manager of Environmental Services.  He oversees a staff of approximately 45 team members who are devoted to achieving the highest levels of environmental safety and sanitation campus wide. Curtis works cross-departmentally to ensure that students, faculty, staff, and guests experience a pleasant, professional, and well maintained facility. Curtis has been with Elizabethtown College for 2 years, has 10 years of experience in Environmental Services and more than 20 years in public relations and leadership.

Nathan Eshleman is the Supervisor of Grounds.  He joined our staff in 2014 and comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of horticulture.  Nathan is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the grounds department and oversees snow removal activities.  Nathan is a Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturist and holds a BS in Ag Ed from Penn State concentrating on leadership development and communications.

Donna Browning is the Assistant Director for Special Events & Summer Programs, and has been with the College for thirteen years. Donna supervises special events, summer camps and conferences. She has over twenty years in leasing and property management. Donna attended York College of Pennsylvania majoring in Business Administration.

Joe Hudzick is the Manager of Special Events & Summer Programs, has been employed for six years and is a 2009 Graduate of Elizabethtown College. Joe supervises the Scheduling Office and Special Events & Summer Programs student summer employees.  Joe is also responsible for assisting off campus clients with planning for an event or conference on campus.  He is also responsible for coordinating all on campus event setups with members of the campus community who are planning events. 

Joe Yurkovic is the Office/Work Station Manager for Facilities Management and has been employed at the College since 1996. Joe oversees the day-to-day operation of the Facilities Management front office, including the work order system. He also handles accounts payable for the department and acts as administrator for the departments P-Card (purchasing card/Visa), and is responsible for the water quality/chemistry of the College swimming pool.

Sharon Defenderfer is the Administrative Assistant at Facilities Management. Sharon answers the many telephone calls from the campus community for assistance. Her responsibilities also include filing and correspondence involving campus construction and events, and managing the schedule for the Director of Facilities Management. In addition, Sharon manages the College’s vehicle/motorpool reservations and reports. Sharon has been employed at the College for thirteen years.