Reducing our Impact on the Environment

For many years Elizabethtown College has taken a proactive approach to the efficient use of water, natural gas, fuel oil, electricity, in the reduction in the amount of storm water we send to the Chesapeake Bay and the sanitary waste and solid waste we generate. Several principles have guided the College’s efforts:

  • The energy you never use is the cheapest energy there is and energy not used does not generate carbon.
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  • We will use best management practices (BMP) handling our storm water.
  • We will continually evaluate new conservation technologies and implement those that can reduce our consumption of utilities while demonstrating reasonable paybacks.


This website outlines our accomplishments in these areas and provides insight into the developing technologies that we are investigating. In many areas you will see duplication as one management technology or strategy often acts to reduce consumption of multiple utilities. Efficiency improvements such as water conservation and efficient lighting that have been implemented across the campus. Many of the conservation strategies have been incorporated in existing buildings and planning is taking place for implementation in the renovation remaining buildings and in new construction.

Learn more about our efforts in the guide, "Elizabethtown College's Commitment to Reducing the Impact of the Environment"