Employment Policies

A Student Employment handbook is available to all student workers on campus. This page highlights some of the College's student employment policies.


  • Policy Change-11/2012 : On-campus employment may be obtained by any full-time or part-time traditional student who is registered for at least 4.0 credits for that semester. One semester of on-campus employment will be granted to students enrolled for only 4 credits.
  • Students are paid on a bi-weekly basis. Direct Deposit of wages is a condition of employment. Direct Deposit can be to an account at your home bank or to a local bank.
  • The College's Time & Attendance system requires student employees in some departments to use their College ID to 'swipe' in and out. Students should carry their ID's with them at all times, and are required to have their ID with them when reporting to work.
  • Hourly student employees are paid based upon the hours posted on JCLOCK, the College's automated time and attendance system.
  • Students will receive their pay via direct deposit every other Friday. View the complete Student Payroll Schedule.
  • Students will be paid at least Federal minimum wage ($7.25/hr). The pay rate may vary by department, shift, and/or experience level.
  • Elizabethtown College students are not permitted by Federal Work Study guidelines and Institutional policy to work more than 20 hours per week during the academic year.
  • Students are permitted to work 40 hours a week during the summer break if they are registered for classes in the upcoming fall semester.
  • Students will be suspended from work privileges for employment process violations at the discretion of the College. 
  • Students may be suspended from work privileges for conduct/integrity violations at the discretion of the College.
  • Grievance Procedures - In the interest of maintaining harmony and cordiality within the campus environment, it is the objective of Elizabethtown College to provide prompt, fair and equitable resolution to employee grievances. A grievance may be filed by any employee who seeks resolution of conflicts which might arise from working relations, conditions, employment practices or disciplinary action between the College and an employee or between individual employees of the College.
    1. Discuss the matter with her/his immediate supervisor. The matter may be concluded at this point by common consent.
    2. If the employee is not satisfied with a supervisor's action he/she may then submit a written appeal to his/her department head or department chair within ten (10) working days of the conversation in item 1 above. The department head or department chair shall make a written decision within ten (10) more working days.
    3. If the employee continues to be dissatisfied, he/she may submit a written appeal to the Director of Human Resources, within five (5) working days of the date of the decision in item 2 above. The Director of Human Resources will render a written decision within ten (10) working days after receiving the grievance. The Director of Human Resources' decision will be final.


Securing a job on-campus often depends on the flexibility of the student. Although no student is guaranteed a job, historically there have been an adequate number of job openings to meet our students' needs.

Students are NOT assigned or placed into specific job assignments. Each department is responsible for hiring their own students. While the Payroll/Student Employment and Financial Aid Offices may assist departments and students as much as possible, the final responsibility for filling a position rests with the department and the student.


Student employees will seek employment on campus in the same way that they would seek employment in their community. They will be self-advocates in finding a campus job either by word of mouth, by simply approaching any office on campus or by using the Student Employment website to explore job listings.

Depending on the department and the supervisor, students may need to fill out an application, have an interview, enter into a training program, submit letters of reference, etc.  Each department, in this regard, has its own hiring and employment procedures.

It is recommended that students take along their class schedule to allow for discussion of work times. The interview should be treated with the same respect that an off-campus interview would be given. This process is a good opportunity for students to practice their communication and job interview skills.

There is a difference between no available jobs and wanting the absolute perfect job. If you have specific time demands (such as odd class hours or sports practice/games), you may need to look a bit harder or broaden your search to include positions that will accommodate these demands. Dining Services is one of the higher paying and most flexible jobs on campus and can usually accommodate your schedule.

Each year the College offers a great and rewarding work environment through the Center for Civic and Community Engagement. Community Service opportunities in and around the Elizabethtown community provide students with many jobs that fit well into a student's hours and schedules and are partially funded through the FWS program. For more information contact the Center for Community and Civic Engagement at 717-361-4765.