Getting Paid


2018/2019 Student Pay Schedule

All students must complete the following employment forms before they begin working on-campus. These forms are available in the Student Employment Office, Myer Hall.These forms include:

W-4 – Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate | Download W-4
The amount of Federal Income Tax deducted from your pay depends on the information you supply on Form W-4. This form must be completed in ink, without any corrections. You do not need to complete the worksheet portion at the top. Please be sure to sign and date this form.

Name: Federal law requires that you use your name exactly as it appears on your social security card

Address: Your permanent address where you consider your home to be on a continuing basis (example: the place where you are registered to vote, the address on your driver's license).

Except for students claiming "EXEMPT", a new W-4 is required only if: you want to change your filing status; you have a change of address; or your name is changed, which can be done anytime throughout the year. All address and name changes must be reported immediately to the Student Employment/Payroll Office, and a new social security card must be shown for name changes.

International Students: All international student employees must come to the Student Employment Office to complete their W-4 and I-9 forms. International students are required to bring their passport, visa, & I-20 with them. For federal withholding purposes, the College does not honor tax treaties. All International Students are required to complete their W-4 claiming Single, 1 exemption and writing NRA on line 6.

I-9 – Employment Eligibility Verification | Download I-9
Newly hired employees are required to prove their identity and right to work in the United States as part of the Federal Government's effort to control illegal immigration. All student employees must appear before a Student Employment Office staff member and present acceptable forms of identification and proof of employment eligibility. The most commonly used documents are:

  • Driver's License (or School ID w/ Photo) AND
  • Social Security Card (we must see original card) OR
  • Birth Certificate (original or certified copy) OR
  • Passport


Worker’s Compensation Form  | Download Worker's Comp Form
All employees are required to be presented with their rights/responsibilities in the event of a work-related injury. Print name at the top and sign/date at the bottom.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form  | Download Direct Deposit Form
Direct deposit of your wages is a condition of your employment with Elizabethtown College. You must provide the name of a bank and your checking or savings account number with that bank. We can accept a bank in your hometown, or some students prefer to open an account locally. Many of our students open an account with PSECU (Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union) since they maintain the ATM on campus.

IMPORTANT: Notify the Student Employment Office of any changes to an account number or before you close your direct deposit account. If changes are reported after you make the change, delays in receiving your biweekly net pay could occur.

Certificate of Residence | Download Certificate Form
New student employees will complete SECTION 1 and sign in SECTION 3. It is very important to accurately report your CITY/TOWN, COUNTY, RESIDENT MUNICIPALITY, & SCHOOL DISTRICT. Note: Resident Municipality may be the city/town where you live, but it might also be a “TOWNSHIP”. If you are not sure, ask your parents. They should know this information if they own a home.

Statement of Understanding of Privacy Act | Download Statement .

Tax Information

Federal Income Tax
All student employee earnings are subject to Federal income tax withholding. The amount of Federal Income Tax withheld from your pay is taken from a table issued by the IRS each year which takes into account your marital status (single or married), your biweekly pay schedule, gross wages, and the number of withholding allowances claimed on your Form W-4.

FICA/Medicare Tax
FICA tax refers to the amount employers must withhold from every employee's pay for Social Security and Medicare. Full-time students working at Elizabethtown College, while classes are in session, are EXEMPT from this TAX. Wages earned by students during the summer months ARE subject to this tax.

International students working under an F-1 visa are exempt from FICA taxes since they are ineligible to collect Social Security/Medicare benefits.

Pennsylvania State Tax
3.07% of your earnings will be deducted for Pennsylvania State Withholding.

Local Income Tax
All PENNSYLVANIA residents are assessed Local Income Tax. This percentage of tax is determined by the “resident municipality” where you maintain your legal, permanent home address, and is deducted from earnings at a fixed percentage for all PENNSYLVANIA resident students.

OUT OF STATE students are assessed a non-resident local income tax rate of 1.0% (which is the current Elizabethtown Borough non-resident tax rate). Students living in 'reciprocal states' (IN, MD, OH, NJ, VA, WV) do not need to pay local income tax. Every student who resides in and outside of Pennsylvania must complete a Certificate of Residency form.

Local Services Tax
In the past, this tax was called OPT (Occupational Privilege Tax) and most recently called EMS Tax.  Local Services Tax replaces this and requires a $2.00 per pay withholding. Most Elizabethtown College students are exempt from this tax. You must earn at least $12,000 per calendar year within the Borough of Elizabethtown in order to owe this tax. The Student Employment Office monitors student earnings and will notify you if you reach the $12,000 threshold. If this tax is being withheld from your wages by another employer within Pennsylvania, please notify our office immediately.

Understanding Your W-2

Have questions about what's on your W-2? Please read the following attachment, and if you still have questions, contact the Payroll/Student Employment office.

Understanding Your W-2